Top 4 FreshDesk Competitors We Wish You Knew!

Top 4 FreshDesk Competitors We Wish You Knew!

When building solid relationships with customers and providing technical support, help desks are always a great option. In this internet era, where most work is automated, businesses choose different help desks to perform their crucial tasks while managing a solid bond with their customers.

FreshDesk is just an example of such help desks that helps in delivering continuous service to their customers. If you are a FreshDesk user, you might have an idea of how it works.

But to bring a bit of change to your taste, you might want to look upon the internet for FreshDesk competitors and find thousands of help desks available. So which one to choose and why choose that? Let's find out!

An Overview of FreshDesk

FreshDesk, founded in 2010, is a market-leading cloud-based customer support platform that enables businesses to deliver continuous services to their consumers and enhance engagement with their products and services.

FreshDesk provides a new approach to producing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

It is, first of all, economical, straightforward to use, and can be tailored to the demands of end customers. FreshDesk ensures that numerous agents are not accidentally assigned to the same ticket with their agent collision detection feature. Some of their other features include:

SLA Management

FreshDesk allows its users to use their SLA monitoring to keep track of their customer service metrics. Moreover, it also enables you to analyze issues and solve them within a given timeline.

The SLA tools can also keep track of the time using the automation feature and provide reminders of the deadlines. It helps understand customers' preferences and build a solid relationship with them.

Canned Response

Users can quickly provide rapid, consistent solutions to frequently asked queries by providing pre-formatted answers.

This unique feature helps to expedite the support process by giving agents an intelligent and different reply to frequently encountered issues.

Since these are distinctive from each answer every time, it allows you to establish excellent communication with your customers.

Team Inbox

This is one of the great features that FreshDesk offers. Team inbox is also known as shared inbox, and it enables numerous recipients and senders to use a joint and single email address. It is a budget-friendly and secure solution to get engaged with your customers.

With this feature, you can collect all your requests and questions in a single box. This feature also utilizes an API token which allows it to expand your business more than a few of the social networking sites created by developers.

Team Huddle

The "Team huddle" feature enables you to centralize interactions within a ticket. To facilitate comprehension, it allows you to bring representatives from different departments and set them into a key to perform the consultation efficiently with less hassle.

Additionally, you may tag individuals and even write private messages if necessary.

Top 4 Competitors of FreshDesk


Help Scout is a comprehensive customer care platform that equips expanding teams with their resources to offer a world-class customer experience.

Having an account on Help Scout can allow you to access a streamlined collection of capabilities aimed at providing the best possible client experience at an affordable price.

Help Scout is appropriate for businesses, including freelancers, big, small, and medium-sized businesses.

HelpScout also uses AI-based approaches. These tools organize repetitive chores, allowing users to focus on more essential duties. Hence you can focus more on your part of the task.

Deliver Answers Instantly

With Help Scout, you will never have any issues maintaining client flow. They do this step by putting help articles directly on your website.

Some of the other features that help in this regard are a beacon builder, customer profile data, mobile SDKs, and messaging.

Live Chatting

One of the best features of Help Scout is it uses chat to resolve an issue or close a deal in real-time. Customers are smoothly transferred to email if no one is present. There is no uncertainty because communication perfectly mirrors that of a standard email.

Several Inboxes

With this specific feature, users can create multiple mailboxes where they can store shared email addresses.

This feature enables different departments to collaborate more effectively. Moreover, it simplifies the management of several brands or goods from a single account.

Differences between FreshDesk and HelpScout

Availability of Devices

You can access FreshDesk via Android, iPhone/iPad, web-based, or Windows mobile application. Help Scout, on the contrary, is accessible for Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile, and online.


The setting up process of FreshDesk is much more complicated. But when it comes to Help Scout, you can get started in minutes and turn into one of the power users.

You can begin with a shared inbox at first for this process. Later you may gradually add automation, integrations, or more required for your service.


Zendesk is a cloud-based tool that helps desk management and provides solutions to different issues.

These solutions include capabilities for creating a customer support portal, knowledge base, or an online community. Zendesk can develop solutions that help businesses improve their customer relationships.

Zendesk is an excellent platform for assisting users in tracking or prioritizing resolving customer service encounters.

Zendesk Assistance is more than a help desk; it enables you to develop personalized client connections and timely support across all channels.

Updates in Real-time

ZenDesk performs as a great platform while providing real-time updates to an entire team. It helps increase productivity and efficiency, and it can help your team examine real-time statistics on system operations and activities.

IT help Desk

An IT help desk works perfectly during routine procedures such as dismissing dormant ticket alerts. It can also help in informing a manager of a new issue. Since all of these things are automated, it can save time for your agents.

Management of Service Level Agreements

The SLA service helps trace the customer's updates and time to time requirements. The data provided in ZenDesk is used via the integrated SLA (Service-level agreement). It enables agents to define their parameters and track the status of a single ticket using up-to-date measures.

Differences between FreshDesk and ZenDesk

Customer Assistance

For a long time now, Zendesk has been well-known for its excellent customer service and truly sets the bar high. Their live chat is always open with viable solutions, and you can expect answers anytime in a day.

It makes Zendesk a better choice than FreshDesk as it has shown less potential in handling customers via live chatting.


Zendesk outperforms FreshDesk in terms of branding. The importance of this step is necessary for creating a new identity for your brand.

With ZenDesk, you may adjust the agent interface's colors and logo to match your company's identity. Additionally, you may customize specific ticket forms for your customers.


Zoho Desk is also a cloud-based and omnichannel help desk solution that helps you provide your clients the support experience they deserve. ZohoDesk has an exceptional capability to sort tickets using Route tickets with assignment rules and filters.

Numerous Departmental Help Disks

One of the great features of ZohoDesk is, you may add multiple departments together in one place. Later you can customize their experiences with specialized teams and service level agreements with more prominent features.

Advanced process automation: The automation process that Zoho Desk uses is excellent in saving your team time by automating complex procedures.

This feature enables you to create a blueprint of real-world operations. This Blueprint, from Zoho Desk, helps automate the execution of tasks and ensure that everything happens ideally.

Contextual AI: ZohoDesk has a unique contextual AI named- Zia, Zoho Desk's AI Assistant. It can help in conversing with your clients and comprehending their context to provide relevant support articles. It can do sentiment analysis and assist clients in finding a solution more quickly.

Differences between FreshDesk and Zoho Desk

Personalization of the User Interface

ZohoDesk provides more customization possibilities for your UI. In the absence of agents, ZohoDesk converts the whole conversation into a ticket after choosing a specific time.

It is an excellent method for ensuring that no chats are overlooked. This significant feature is not available in FreshDesk.

Multiband Assistance Center

Zoho Desk enables the creation of a multi-brand assistance center. With this feature, you may entirely personalize your knowledge base for each brand you support.

It will allow you to provide unique assistance material for each brand. You can also do individual live chat widgets for each of your companies.


Freshservice is an IT and cloud-based help desk service-management system that helps businesses streamline their information technology operations.

In this solution, many features such as a ticketing system, self-service portal, and knowledge base are all included.

Management of Service Level Agreements

By giving a pre-service explanation of the process and results, this service provided by Freshservice is highly beneficial since it helps decrease customer unhappiness and collects authentic feedback. It can help you to utilize it to enhance customer assistance.

Management of Issues

Problem Management is another critical component of service desk solutions. This method enables users to isolate issues and compare/ relate them to other problems.

This sorting process helps in identifying the root of all problems quickly. It will allow you to resolve issues more efficiently since you will understand how the case originated.

Management of the Asset's Life Cycle

You can manage the asset easily with the help of this feature of Freshservice. Whether it's maintenance, procurement, or disposal, asset Lifecycle Management enables a holistic view of all aspects.

This technique is especially beneficial for information technology organizations relying heavily on hardware.

Differences between FreshDesk and Freshservice

ITSM Feature

Freshservice provides an ITSM tool designed to handle a variety of IT-related tasks. For instance, such a solution may be beneficial for remotely managing different hardware systems. In the case of IT operations administration, Freshservice is the superior solution.


FreshDesk is substantially less expensive than Freshservice. However, it offers fewer services than Freshservice. Hence if you are not on a tight budget, you can choose Freshservice over FreshDesk any day.

Final Words

After reading about the FreshDesk competitors, you might have got an idea of which one to go for.

Customers are part and parcel of any business and to keep them happy and engaged is your job. If you are choosing an automated or cloud-based help desk that will do that work for you, make sure you dig more about it.

But one thing to keep in mind is always thinking of your budget and the type of customer you have. These two points might help you choose the best alternative out of all.

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