Top 4 Cleverly Competitors You Must Look for

Top 4 Cleverly Competitors You Must Look for

Marketing in the LinkedIn platform is currently one of the easiest ways to find the target audience and enhance business engagement. From small to large businesses, people nowadays try to find an audience from a platform like LinkedIn, where millions of people are available.

To target and influence them to join the business venture might not seem an easy task. But with different marketing agencies, this work becomes hassle and stress-free.

If you are from one of the sellers on LinkedIn, you might have heard of Cleverly, a lead generation B2B platform that creates sales opportunities. Their different techniques to handle such crucial jobs have been observed by many customers since its beginning year.

However, it lacks a few factors, which gives room to look at some competitors. What are the Cleverly competitors, and what do they offer? Let’s find out.

Overview of Cleverly

Cleverly is a B2B lead generation platform that helps to send messages to your targeted prospects.

It sends customized or personalized messages required to build a strong relationship with customers. These messages help start conversations and take them further. Some of their features include:

Updated Data

This feature of Cleverly really helps to upgrade the service of Cleverly itself. Updating the user data can connect with the current trends and expectations of the user, which allows them to find the perfect audience for the business.

Prospect Builder

Using its built-in feature Cleverly can customize a list that includes all your potential clients. The online movements of the audience on LinkedIn profiles come in handy in creating a campaign and moving further messaging.

Automation Technology

This technology helps users message their potential clients at intervals. Moreover, it follows auto follow-up texts alongside quick replies of the readers.

Personalized Texts

The text messages sent via Cleverly are all customized and well-fashioned. These messages are designed to attract customers easily and hold them for longer.

Top 4 Cleverly Competitors


CastANet is a reliable automated system for connecting, engaging, and cold-emailing new prospects on LinkedIn every day. Their 24/7 operation for better leads helps their users to stand out in the crowd.

Also, CastANet provides a specialized message sequence builder that enables users to create personalized messages and responses with ease and preference.

Hence it seems more natural and less complicated. Moreover, they provide a unique lead generation system that helps you send messages to your potential customers with less investment.

Differences between Cleverly and CastANet

Organized Data

As a lead generation platform on LinkedIn, CastANet plays an important role in maintaining relationships. They plan their business actions and decisions in an organized way that provides the best lead generation.

Whereas Cleverly fails to organize their data, that does not make it a reliable choice in automation.

Pricing and a Free Trial

CastANet also is less pricey, where it starts from 199$ per month in the solo plan. Their 14 days free trial is also a great choice in understanding the platform better.

On the other hand, Cleverly does it provide the same facilities in the same price range. Their silver plan that starts at $297 per month only offers 250 prospects, making it less valuable than other alternatives in the market.

Also, they don't offer a free trial which does not enable the user to at least try this platform before proceeding further with it.


LinkedFusion is a cutting-edge LinkedIn automation tool that aids in generating LinkedIn leads and the expansion of B2B sales.

Currently, LinkedFusion is used by many users due to the amazing sales effort and output that it provides. It provides the user with a unique IP address and gives them a chance to improve their prospecting efficiencies.

Their customized templates and graphical analytics help design a proper campaigning plan and send appropriate text messages to potential customers.

They provide a smart inbox feature where the conversations get synced every time. It lets all the data be stored in the same place.

Their automation feature is great in handling conversion rates sending follow-ups to the prospects on time. Moreover, it is compatible with any LinkedIn account, making it useful and accessible for LinkedIn users.

Differences between Cleverly and LinkedFusion

Less Pricing and a Free Trial

There are many better features that LinkedFusion offers that are not available in Cleverly. First, LinkedFusion provides a 7-day free trial period that enables the users to go through this platform before proceeding further.

However, Cleverly offers a premium plan for users which does not let them use Cleverly for a trial basis.

Cleverly is more costly compared to LinkedFusion. The cheapest plan of Cleverly starts at $197 per month, where you can send only 250 prospects.

On the other hand, LinkedFusion offers their professional program starting at just $65.95 per month, enabling the users to send 40 connection requests alongside 120 messages per day for a month. Hence it is more effective in building connections at a low price range.

Enhanced lead Flow

Moreover, Cleverly's gold and silver plan can only provide one active campaign. It reportedly limits the lead flow.

The must-have LinkedIn premium sales navigator is also a costly addition to your marketing strategies. LinkedFusion, on the other hand, increases the lead flow more efficiently.


Kennected integrates with the LinkedIn Basic and Sales Navigator to simplify and optimize your lead creation operations.

You can easily send connection requests to the targeted audience with simplicity and have them followed up one by one through this platform.

Kennected can also create a unique sequence that focuses on 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd-degree connections. They can set up time delays in messaging that help in mimicking human behavior, making it more natural and obvious.

Kennected also offers smart inbox and personalized messaging to potential customers. This feature allows you to keep all data sorted in one place while connecting with your audience efficiently.

Differences between Cleverly and Kennected

On Boarding Process

When considering the price and offer Cleverly provides, Kennected seems a better alternative. It has a great onboarding process where it manages the repetitive tasks and allows the user to focus on main tasks instead.

You may customize the verified and efficient sales scripts from Kennected to make targets more inclined to engage.

Less pricey

Kennected offers all these features in a very small amount compared to Cleverly. They provide: Professional, Grow, and Ultimate packages that cost $25.95, $45.95, and $85.95, respectively.

At the same time, the lowest price of Cleverly's silver plan starts from $197/per month, which is more than double the ultra package price of Kennected. All the Kennected packages have team syncing, team blocklist, etc.

Enhancing Lead Flow

Cleverly also slows down the lead generation by providing one active campaign in two of their packages. It does not even allow you to take over your lead flow.

Through Kennected, you can automate your data and find the target audience easily. It is also easier and less complicated to use compared to Cleverly.


Founded in 2018, Zopto is a cloud-based solution that assists startups and sales teams automate LinkedIn lead creation. It helps in increasing client engagement outside of their present networks and regions.

You can filter your ideal customer once you open your account using a sales navigator or LinkedIn premium account.

Zopto helps filter out your customers and select the desired amount of engagement required to enhance your business.

Profile view generator, sequential messaging, free InMails, etc., are some of the features that help attract and target valuable customers.

It is also a good platform for startups to reach a new height in a few months as it helps to connect you with people out of your network.

The live dashboard that comes with the platform helps you to check statics and performance of your lead generation campaigns.

Differences between Cleverly and Zopto

Ongoing Customer Service

When it comes to providing customer success managers and ongoing support, Zopto is a better alternative to Cleverly.

The customer managers will closely observe your growth and upgrade the lead generation accordingly. On the other hand, Cleverly does not provide good customer service for better communication.

Security and Privacy

Zopto is compatible with the LinkedIn sales navigator system and has built-in bulk tools and safety limits. These services provide you to connect with your customers with full security and privacy.

However, Cleverly is not compatible with the LinkedIn sales navigator system. Moreover, the reliability of their automation service has always been questioned due to their data processing management.


What is LinkedIn B2B lead Generation?

A B2B lead generation campaign is a process that involves identifying the most suitable clients for your service or product and then enticing them to purchase from you. Companies utilize a range of sales and marketing methods to create leads on LinkedIn.

What Kinds of Outreach Messages are sent to Customers via Cleverly?

There are mainly two types of messages that can be or are sent to customers via Cleverly.

The first type is – personalized messages with connection requests that depend on the user preference on whether to send or not send the message.

Another message type is the follow-up message sent once the connection request has been accepted.

Approximately what Percentage of B2B Leads Originate from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn accounts for 80 percent of all B2B leads, which is huge compared to other platforms. According to the findings of a comparable study conducted by Hubspot, LinkedIn achieved a greater lead conversion rate when compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Final Words

You must have got an idea of what to choose among all the options that we mentioned above in the Cleverly competitors.

LinkedIn automation tools are easily available across the internet. Finding the best one among all of them is a task that we tried to make easy for you.

Before you start using any LinkedIn automated marketing tool, go through the reviews, usage, and pricing. If you are just starting your new business, you can always start with free trial platforms and upgrade yourself.

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