Khoros Competitors in 2022: Who are They?

Khoros Competitors in 2022: Who are They?

You may be looking for software and tools that will help you build your business and brand online. Establishing and growing a business online is not easy in today's highly competitive market.

Well, you will have to manage everything, from social media marketing to advertising campaigns, monitoring performance, building customer relationships, etc.

Khoros is one of the most popular software companies in the industry, which helps businesses of every size, grow properly and successfully. But along with Khoros, there are several companies and tools available that give a tough competition to Khoros.

In this guide, we will talk about the Khoros competitors, their features and how they are different from this reliable software company.

An Overview of Khoros

Before we get into the discussion about the competitors of Khoros, let us know a bit about Khoros.

Khoros is one of the top software companies available in the industry that offers several outstanding customer engagement services that help a business grow.

Operating for more than 20 years in the market, the company has expertise in social media marketing, content management, customer engagement, reporting and analysis, and many more.

The company has worked with more than 2000 brands worldwide and has helped several of these brands build a successful name with the help of their tools and services.

Key Features of Khoros

Campaign Management

One of the top features of Khoros is that it allows businesses to manage the campaigns efficiently.

You can also customize the campaigns according to your targeted audience and edit the advertisements. It will help you reach a larger number of people while generating real traffic.

Report and Analysis

Khoros has an outstanding report and analysis team that helps businesses and brands better understand the performance and condition of their ad campaigns.

You will see the traffic campaign insights and help the data improve and react more to your targeted audience.

Support Options

The support team of Khoros is amazing, and social media managers and brands have access to several customer service options and 24/7 support.

The team provides customer support through several options, including phone, email, chat, live representatives, and many more.

This customer service team will answer your queries and solve the platform and tools issues.

Multiple Platforms

Khoros is available for use on multiple platforms, making it convenient for users to manage and edit things. You will find Khoros on the web, android, and iOS, allowing businesses of all sizes to access the features and tools offered by the company easily.

Khoros Competitors in 2022

Let’s have a look at some of its competitors now –


Sprinklr is a software company and is one of the biggest competitors of Khoros in the industry.

This platform allows you to manage all your social media accounts through one and provides you with the necessary tools to build your brand.

You will find various social media management tools from Sprinklr that help businesses grow by improving their social media marketing and presence.

In addition to that, it also offers tools to help with customer engagement, ad campaign strategy, reports and insights, and many more.


  • Content Management

Sprinklr offers highly efficient content management that helps brands edit, manage, and publish content on various social media to reach the targeted audience.

You will also find a proper insight into the published content that will help you improve them, reach a better audience, and market your products and services efficiently.

  • Customer Engagement

One of the top features of Sprinklr is that it offers an amazing customer engagement tool that allows businesses to generate and publish engaging content for the brand.

The site will also present you with reports and analyses based on the current engagement policies and trends of the market that will help you reach a larger number of customers.

  • Automation

Automation is a top-quality feature offered by Sprinklr. It allows social media managers and brands to automate content publication, ad campaign publishing, and automated social media responses.

It improves the business's response time, but it also helps keep customers engaged with proper and timely publications and fast responses.

Differences between Khoros and Sprinklr

  • Support

While both Khoros and Sprinklr provide an outstanding support system to the users and marketers, there is a slight difference.

The support team of Sprinklr is much more responsive than Khoros, and the company offers a wider range of customer service options to people.

You will find several frequently asked questions and forums to answer your queries, and the highly responsive Sprinklr support will resolve your issues.

  • Report and Analysis

One of the major differences between Khoros and Sprinklr is the report and analysis feature.

These platforms offer efficient insights and reports on ad campaigns, content, customer engagement, and more to help the users and marketers improve their performance and reach.

Between these two platforms, Sprinklr offers a better and more efficient report and analysis, allowing brands to plan, evaluate and execute new strategies for a better reach and performance.


Like Sprinklr and Khoros, Hootsuite is also a top name in the social media management sector. With over 18 million users, the company has built an amazing reputation, thanks to its outstanding social media analysis and strategy.

Hootsuite helps you schedule, automatically, and publish posts, content, advertising campaigns, etc., on various social media platforms.

You can also track the performance of the posts and contents on social media and engage with your customers efficiently, all through this one platform.


  • Content Library

A major feature of Hootsuite is that it comes with a wide and easily accessible content library.

There are several pre-approved photos and templates available in the library that users and marketers can use to make their content and campaigns more eye-catching and engaging to the public.

  • Scheduling

Hootsuite offers amazing post scheduling offers that help you automate the posts on social media sites. You have to set up the links and posts properly on the platform and choose a time and date.

The platform will post the content on the selected social media sites depending on your set time and date. It helps marketers to regulate their posts and engage with their customers efficiently.

  • Monitoring

The monitoring feature of Hootsuite is very efficient and quite accurate. You can easily monitor all your social media activities, reach and reactions, the performance of content, posts, and ad campaigns.

It will help you plan a better strategy and understand the performance and analytics of the social media platforms to make sure that your posts reach a greater number of people.

Differences between Khoros and Hootsuite

  • Free Trial

One of the most attractive differences between Khoros and Hootsuite is that the latter offers a free trial to users.

Social media marketers and brands can easily access several features of Hootsuite without having to pay any sort of money.

However, purchasing the premium option of Hootsuite will open up several new options for businesses.

On the other hand, Khoros does not offer a free version or trial to the users. You will have to pay upfront to access the features offered by the marketing platform.

  • Ease of Access

Marketers and users can set up and access Hootsuite much more easily than Khoros.

The platform offers a great content library along with several other features that can be accessed and understood by both beginners and advanced marketers.

However, the features offered by Khoros are a bit difficult to find, and not everyone can easily understand and put the features to use.


Salesforce is highly integrated software that allows social media marketers and businesses to set up and build their brand easily and in a simple way.

You can handle the tools and promote your business even if you are a beginner in the field.

The company has been operating successfully since 1999 and has earned the trust of millions of brands and marketers through its great support system and marketing tools.

You will find all the necessary services on this platform, from content management to customer engagement, analytics, etc.


  • Content Scheduling

The content scheduling feature of Salesforce makes the work of social media marketers and businesses easy by allowing them to schedule and fix a certain day and time to post the content.

Marketers can upload the link and file for the content or ad campaign and schedule a day and time when the content will be posted automatically.

It helps businesses to maintain regularity in their promotions and campaigns, allowing them to increase customer engagement and reach the targeted audience.

  • Monitoring

As discussed above, Salesforce is easy to use, and the monitoring feature makes it easier. All your social media accounts are linked to one platform, and you can post content and generate ad campaigns in all the accounts through Salesforce.

Not only that, but this platform allows you to easily monitor all the activities on your social media accounts along with the engagement and reach of your advertising campaigns.

It will help you evaluate and plan strategies about how you can improve your campaigns' customer engagement and performance.

Differences between Khoros and Salesforce

  • Ease of Access

If we compare Khoros and Salesforce, we will notice a decent difference between the ease of access of these two platforms.

Salesforce is relatively easier to use compared to Khoros as the features can be found and understood by beginners.

Not only that but these features can be deployed and edited to improve the campaign and reach of your business.

On the other hand, the features offered by Khoros are typically hard to find, and you cannot fully plan and work with those features unless you are an advanced marketer.

  • Customer Engagement/Reach

When it comes to building and growing a business, customer engagement and reach is very important as it allows your brand to be noticed and heard by the targeted audience.

If we talk about helping with customer engagement and reach, Khoros is ahead of Salesforce.

Khoros allows marketers and brands to easily edit, plan, strategize and execute improved and engaging campaigns and content.

While Salesforce has a great customer engagement feature and an outstanding support system, the reach and engagement of Khoros are better.

Final Words

You cannot grow a business in one day, and it is especially hard to establish a brand in the era of online marketing and promotion.

Khoros has been a favorite online marketing platform for several brands and businesses worldwide, making businesses succeed with the help of their tools.

However, Khoros is not the only online marketing platform in the industry. There are quite a few platforms and sites that have earned a reputation in the industry through their tools and services, giving Khoros significant competition.

We hope that the Khoros competitors mentioned above will help you make the right decision when choosing social media marketing software.

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