Proofhub Alternative that Can Manage Your Projects Better

Proofhub Alternative that Can Manage Your Projects Better

Proofhub is a leading web-based project management tool that combines all basic project management functionalities in one place, including task management, collaboration tools, projections, personalization, and more.

Nothing is completely perfect in this world. Proofhub also has some limitations. If you are fed up with ProofHub and think it's not user-friendly, this article helps you find a suitable Proofhub alternative.

So, let’s get started.

An Overview of Proofhub

Proofhub is one kind of cloud-based software that helps you manage your project. It's not only a project management software but also a team collaboration software.

It provides some wonderful features like a Gantt chart, group chat, and calendar to manage your team when you're not with them physically.

This software helps you organize your project, make a plan for your project, collaborate, and help you deliver your project on time.

If you are an Android user, don't worry Proofhub software is available for the Android operating system. It's available for the Android operating system and available for the IOS operating system.

Features of Proofhub

Team Collaboration

Proohub provides you with a centralized place to easily collaborate on tasks with your team. With the help of proofhub, you can track your work progress, your project's current status, etc.

Communication tools

Proofhub provides some communication tools. Using this tool, you can easily communicate with your team members on time. Your team members can share their thoughts and ideas via file attachments.

Advance Search

From its advanced search filter, you can effortlessly find your target topic with the help of keywords.

Time tracker

It has a cool feature, a time tracker. It also has multiple timers. You can pause, start or stop your timer whenever you want to shift from one task to another.


You will get a notification for all activities of proofhub via mobile, email.

Pros of Proofhub

  • It provides 24/7 live chat support.
  • Provide excellent project management features.
  • Unlimited user
  • All in one tool
  • Fast and easy communication

Cons of Proofhub

  • It takes so much time to load
  • No budgeting tool
  • Lack of automation


Proofhub provides two price plans. They are essential to plan and ultimate control plans.

For the Essential plan, you have to pay $50 if you are billed monthly. If you give the bill annually, you have to pay $45.

For the Ultimate control plan, you have to pay $99 if you give the bill monthly. If you give the payment annually, you have to pay $89.

Before buying any plan, you can use their free trial version.

Why Look for a ProofHub Alternative?

You can't deny that proofhub provides lots of features. But it's not completely perfect, and it has some limitations too. Here is the list of some regulations of proofhub, for which you may search some proofhub alternatives.

Overly Simple Design

Its simple UI makes it backdated

No Automations

Till now, Proofhub doesn't release any automation. It isn't very pleasant because automation makes your task easy, saves your time, saves your energy, and increases your productivity.

Lack of Product Width

It has limited product width. The team member who works behind the tools doesn't focus on developing the device.

Doesn’t Work for Larger Teams

If you're a freelancer or a small team, proofhub works best because it provides a price plan for a small group, not for a large team.

List of Proofhub Alternative

Since proofhub has some limitations, you're looking for some alternative to proofhub. Here's the list of some proofhub Alternatives.


Infinity is a tool that helps you to manage your project. With the help of the Infinity tool, you can manage your workflow at any time and in any way.

It provides two more extra features than proofhub. For example, it offers columns and lists features that proofhub doesn't offer.

To make your task clean, it gives you 20 attributes. Infinity helps you to make a checklist and check the box. You can easily find your important study because it rates your important job.

The success of your work depends on proper communication. Infinity helps you to stay connected with your team members through comments. For this reason, you can send current updates to your team members.

Features of Infinity

  • Automation

Infinity provides an automation feature that makes your task easy and saves you tons of time.

  • Notifications

Infinity sends you a notification so you can't miss any important updates.

  • Multiple Views

It provides multiple views. You can visualize your task in 6 different ways.

  • 50+ Templates

It has 50+ templates. These templates save you valuable time.

  • Web and Mobile Apps

No matter if you're not at your office. Now you can connect your team member from home via infinity. It has both web and mobile apps. You can connect with your team members if you're on the way. Just install the infinity app on your mobile.


It's good news for you that recently infinity provided lifetime deals. To buy its subscription, you have to pay $9 per month. The subscription fee starts from $149 for the five-member team.


Nifty is a newly launched project management software. It's an Award-winning tool. With the help of this tool, you can maintain the serial of your project and the function of your company.

From your marketing campaign, now you can easily track and visualize anything with the help of Nifty.

Features of Nifty

  • Time Tracker

You can easily track your time if you use Nifty. It also helps you to track your expenses.

  • Resource Management

With its help, you can easily manage your resources.

  • Customize templates

It provides customized templates.

  • Collaboration

It's one of the best tools for collaboration.

Pros of Nifty

  • It provides the highest Milestones configuration.
  • It got the G2 award because it's one of the most easy-to-use project management tools.
  • Their mobile app is one of the most advanced project management apps.

Cons of Nifty

  • Nifty doesn't provide any back-office solution like payment or invoice.
  • It partially depends on Zapier to offer some native integration.


Nifty provides a free trial for you. It also has a free version. If you want to buy it, you need to spend $39 per month.


You can use teamwork as an alternative to proofhub. You can find everything you want to manage your team in this tool.

If your project is very complex, you don't need to worry. You can use this tool for complex projects as well as simple projects.

Features of Teamwork

  • Time Tracking

It's a great feature of a teamwork tool that helps you understand when and where your time is spent.

  • Automation

This feature helps to save you lots of time and energy

  • Resource Management

If you want to manage your resources effectively, this feature helps you.

  • Gantt Chart

With the help of this feature, you can easily peak any milestone from your project.

Pros of Teamwork

  • It provides back-office solutions like invoicing.
  • It provides a free trial plan for their user.
  • The best part of teamwork is unlimited client collaboration.

Cons of Teamwork

  • Their premium plan provides only 250GB of storage space. According to the price, they give a very short amount of space.
  • Sometimes, it doesn't notify you when you use a new device and sign in from this device.


It provides three pricing plans. They are: free, pro and premium.

For up to 5 users, it provides a free plan forever. You have to pay $12.50 per month to buy a pro plan. And you have to pay $22.50 per month if you want to buy a premium plan.


Asana is a tool used to manage your project. This software helps you stand in sync and help you make your project successful. It allows you to monitor the progress of your project.

Asana provides a mobile app. Using this mobile app, you can easily connect with your team.

Features of Asana

  • Team Collaboration
  • Track Task
  • Kanban Board
  • Team management
  • Task Time Tracking
  • Multiple views

Pros of Asana

  • It's a very easy-to-use project management tool.
  • If you want to combine your technical tools, Asana provides you with a wide range of interfaces.

Cons of Asana

  • Lack of flexibility


Asana provides you with a free trial plan. It also offers two programs that are paid. Paid plans are $10.99 per month and $24.99 per month.


Clickup is an all-rounder project management tool. This software helps you to develop, design, and manage your project.

This software allows you a lot to make your workplace user-friendly. This tool provides a calendar, reminder, and docs and provides an inbox. Every type of team uses this software to manage their project.

Freelancers, small business people, mid-size business people, and Large enterprises are their main target clients.

Features of Clickup

  • Time Tracking
  • Real-Time collaboration
  • Automation
  • Project Templates
  • Proofing
  • Personalization
  • Expense Tracking
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Notification
  • Task Management

Pros of Clickup

  • You can use this tool very easily.
  • It provides so many wonderful features; with the help of this feature you can invite any guest without any cost.
  • It offers lots of technical support.
  • Almost every week, it launched a new feature.

Cons of Clickup

  • Sometimes, it's UX that turns fearsome and noisy.
  • Sometimes, you face difficulties making the new list because you don't find any documentation.


It has three pricing plans. They are free, unlimited, and business. You can use their free program, which provides 100MB storage and complete tasks.

You can use their unlimited plan by paying $9 per month or $5 per year. You get unlimited storage, view, and integration if you use these unlimited plans. You get 1000 automation per month.

You can use their business plan by paying $19 per month or $9 per year. This business plan provides you with 10,000 automation per month, Google SSO. You can also send and receive emails by using this plan.


Change is the only constant in the world. To stay ahead of the competition, you should always be one step forward. But how can you keep up with the new changes?

The answer is having so many options in your hand. For this reason, we have provided the list above to help you choose a Proofhub Alternative. These tools increase your work's scope and save your time, energy, and money.

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