Bronto Competitors: Who Are They?

Bronto Competitors: Who Are They?

You know for sure that generating more sales depends on marketing. In these technologically advanced days, marketing inevitably depends on digital marketing, and when it comes to digital marketing, we can't help but think about digital marketing automation platforms.

Bronto is one of the industry-leading digital marketing automation tools. Bronto competitors have created a highly competitive market for this industry leader.

However, suppose you're an authoritative person of an enterprise looking for a marketing platform with high-end features and exceptional performance.

In that case, this guide is the right one for you since it illustrates the components and efficacies of Bronto's competitors and how they differ from this particular platform.

Overview of Bronto

Before diving into our main discussion, let’s discover what Bronto is and its purpose.

Bronto is a marketing automation tool tremendously efficient in its arena, such as automated email marketing, social media messaging, mobile SMS, personalized marketing campaign, customer relationships, performance monitoring, etc.

It got enormous popularity because of its outstanding performance. Businesses have been using it massively on a large scale.

Bronto Marketing Platform has driven marketing automation one step ahead. Bronto's competitors also provide similar services, but it (Bronto) is utterly incomparable in its efficacy.


  • Complete Solution

Bronto is a complete solution for enhancing customer engagement through email, SMS, social media, web, and other channels. Its advanced and easy-to-use features have made multiple managing channels more accessible than ever.

The ready email templates let you create mobile-optimized messages easily. Moreover, it has a built-in tool for email testing that ensures 100% optimized emails for success. Similarly, its discount code and pop-up features help achieve your conversion goals.

  • Marketing Automation

Now, you can communicate to your customers through an automated email marketing campaign. This automation increases the efficiency of your marketing team.

Besides, the automated email marketing campaign lets you implement various functionalities like welcome email, cart rejection recovery, expired purchasers recovery, birthday wishes, special offers, and a simple drag-and-drop feature.

  • Customized Campaign

Bronto facilitates customizing your marketing campaign to enhance customer engagement and thus conversions that ultimately grow your sales volume.

You can design your personalized marketing plan by utilizing subscribers' profile information, visit and purchase behavior, demographic data, geolocation, and much other information.

In addition to this, you can send automated recovery emails to customers who left their cart or stopped browsing your website through this incredible marketing platform.

  • Analytics

Measure your Return on Investment (ROI) in every marketing campaign through a deep analysis of click-through and open rates.

It will help you figure out the revenue each campaign generates, improve the optimization of the campaign you run, and grow your sales through intended segmentation and strategies.

Bronto Competitors in 2022

Let’s take a look at a few Bronto alternatives.


Omnisend is one of the top competitors of the Bronto Marketing Platform. It is an automated eCommerce marketing platform that lets you manage multiple marketing communication channels. This marketing tool serves the purposes of all sized online businesses.

With its customized messaging system, you can reach out to the targeted persons appropriately and on the proper channel. Many use this tool to execute their marketing operations in various industries.


  • Easy to Use

Omnisend has been developed with an exceptionally user-friendly interface. It takes a few moments to sign up, and its sophisticated onboarding makes it simple to get started. In addition to this, its easy-to-use interface is easily understandable even by beginners.

Furthermore, the automation of the marketing operations has reduced your workload and eased your email campaign.

The easiest thing you need to do is customize the default email template and send it to your targeted customers.

  • Premium Automation

You can personalize automated messages with a non-code drag and drop automation editor with this marketing platform.

This premium automation editor lets you adjust sequence, delete unnecessary channels, add splits, clone messages, and perform more functions in minutes. As this is a non-code visual editor, you can see the notes how your customers see them.

  • Reasonable Price

Omnisend's marketing platform offers its subscription plans at a reasonable price. Moreover, it allows customization in subscription plans based on your contacts. The cost of the customized programs is also competitive in the market.

You can save 50% of your marketing budget by simply switching to this marketing software. Furthermore, it will lower your budget and give you access to high-end features to serve all your marketing needs.

Differences between Bronto and Omnisend

Market Share

The top 10k sites worldwide are using Bronto Marketing Platform for their marketing operations. Bronto's market share in the leading 10k website is 0.03%, whereas Omnisend has 0% market share.

On the other hand, Omnisend possesses a 0.015% market share in the entire; Bronto occupies only 0.002% of the total number.

The statistics imply that Bronto is perfect for big companies to manage marketing operations on a large scale.

On the contrary, Omnisend targets small and medium-sized companies to use their services. Hence it offers marketing solutions on a small scale and in customized volume.

Websites Category

Bronto is a leading marketing solution providing services to the Science and Education industry websites.

However, Omnisend has extensive industry coverage: it provides services to websites in Food and Drinks, Lifestyle, eCommerce and Shopping, Business and Customer Services.

When it comes to determining which platform to use between the two, it is recommended to end up with the platform that performs better in your industry. So, if your niche is in any of the industry categories that Omnisend serves, you can go with it.


Klaviyo is a leading Bronto alternative that competes Bronto admiringly. It is one of the top marketing automation software that lets you experience personalized marketing campaigns in various channels, such as email marketing, mobile SMS, automated alerts, and many more!

Klaviyo is suitable for eCommerce shops due to its excellent user-friendly interfaces with Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce. This marketing platform is best suited for the number of users between 1 and 1000+.


  • Trend Analysis

Through Klaviyo’s segmentation process, you can analyze your customers' purchasing behavior, ongoing trends in the market, customers' transactional data, etc.

This will help you know the current trends in minutes to design your sales funnel for a high conversion rate.

Moreover, with data science technology integrated into Klaviyo, you can find possibilities to cross-sell and up-sell.

You can also assume when and how your possible customers can make a buying decision, the time they take to make it happen, and more critical issues.

Besides, with its reporting tools, you can analyze and measure the performance of flow, campaign, sign-up form, etc. Also, with Klaviyo’s Custom Analytics, you can easily see the data you’re looking for.

  • Drive Growth

This marketing automation tool helps you improve marketing strategies by implementing more than 100 integrators.

It's unnecessary to pre-specify data schema before using the marketing tool because Klaviyo doesn’t limit the data integration in your ecommerce business.

Furthermore, it lets you create customized and easy-to-use pop-ups and forms. You know, sign-up forms are highly effective in generating more leads and enriching your contact list.

Similarly, you can run promotional campaigns efficiently through automated pop-ups. Besides, Klavio lets you seamlessly optimize your messages created for diverse offers, welcome greetings, and loyalty rewards.

In addition, customer profiles are presented in the Klaviyo Marketing Platform in a single display. Your sales team can grow your brand by utilizing the data in tailored customer experiences.

Differences between Bronto and Klaviyo


The segmentation feature is common in both Bronto and Klaviyo. This feature facilitates you to segment valuable leads based on the customers' purchasing behavior, interest, interaction, geography, demographics, and more factors.

The two platforms give the facility of email marketing automation to help recover left carts, boost cross-selling and up-selling, and a lot more.

However, Bronto lets you do more when it comes to updating the purchase status of your customers. It also enables you to create personalized transactional emails.

It connects effortlessly to various eCommerce platforms, such as NetSuite, Shopify, Magento, facilitating companies to utilize the required data.


Klaviyo Marketing Platform offers its monthly subscription at USD 25.00. You can experience the Free Version and a Free Trial ahead of your purchase as it allows you to use both, which saves a big!

On the other hand, Bronto doesn't allow Free or Trial versions to its clients. It doesn't even disclose its subscription fee without contacting it directly. Though its price is not on the web, it sells more, and the sum you pay is worth spending.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, comparing Bront competitors and Bronto, its worth mentioning that the latter is highly efficient in creating compelling emails with no coding knowledge.

So, you can go with Bronto if you’re not a developer and a beginner-level eCommerce system user but want high performance and more conversions.

However, Bronto may cost you a lot to access its features, but it is worth spending money on because of its extraordinary performance.

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