Comparison Review Breakcold vs Pipedrive: SaaS Battle for CRM Supremacy

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it’s crucial for businesses to have efficient tools that streamline their sales and marketing processes. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have become indispensable for companies looking to stay ahead in their game. Two popular CRM platforms making noise in the industry are Pipedrive and Breakcold. This article will provide an insightful comparison of these two powerful CRMs, allowing businesses to make informed decisions when selecting the platform that best suits their needs.

Pipedrive is a well-established CRM platform, focusing on providing sales-focused features and customizable pipelines. Its popularity is backed by seamless integration with over 400 third-party applications, including Zapier and Zoom, ensuring the smooth flow of data and processes in any organization. Pipedrive’s vast experience in the market has earned them a reputation for offering reliable CRM solutions to a broad range of users.

On the other hand, Breakcold enters the CRM market as a new contender, emphasis on integrating social selling aspects into their platform. With features such as LinkedIn and Twitter integration and unlimited team members, Breakcold aims to address the growing importance of social media presence in modern marketing strategies. Its similar pricing to Pipedrive makes it a worthy alternative for businesses wanting to explore a fresh approach to CRM.

Round 1: Best UX

Round 1

When comparing the user experience of Breakcold and Pipedrive, it is essential to look at several aspects like ease of use, dashboard design, automations, customizations, and workflow automation.

In terms of ease of use, both Breakcold and Pipedrive are known for their intuitive interfaces and simple navigation. Pipedrive boasts a visually appealing layout that organizes the sales process and helps users track the growth of leads and opportunities1. On the other hand, Breakcold positions itself as a Social Selling CRM with an easy-to-use platform, even providing unlimited team members and integrations with LinkedIn and Twitter for efficient sales prospecting2.

The dashboard design is another critical aspect that directly impacts user experience. Pipedrive users can access insights, metrics, and customized reports, allowing them to track sales progress and performance effectively3. Breakcold’s dashboard offers a clear overview of sales prospects, activities, and collaboration tools, helping teams stay connected and informed.

Considering automations, Pipedrive enables users to set up automatic actions that streamline sales processes and lessen the likelihood of missing important tasks4. Breakcold, as a Social Selling CRM, focuses on integrating with social media platforms, but it is not clear how extensive their automation capabilities are.

When it comes to customizations, Pipedrive offers limited custom fields and reports on most plans1. In contrast, Breakcold’s customization options are not explicitly mentioned, although its integration with social media platforms suggests it could tailor its offerings based on users’ needs.

Lastly, workflow automation plays a significant role in improving user experience by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining sales processes. Pipedrive allows users to create and customize sales pipelines, set up automatic reminders, and utilize advanced automation tools4. Although Breakcold appears to focus on social selling features, it is unclear to what extent it provides workflow automation functionalities2.

To summarize, both Pipedrive and Breakcold offer unique user experiences in the CRM software world. Pipedrive excels in areas such as ease of use, dashboard design, and a range of automations, while Breakcold focuses on its Social Selling CRM capabilities, LinkedIn and Twitter integrations, and easy-to-navigate platform. Evaluating the importance of these aspects based on business needs will help determine which CRM stands out in the user experience category.

Round 2: Features Comparison

Round 2

In this section, we’ll compare the features of Breakcold and Pipedrive to better understand their capabilities and offerings.

CRM: Both Pipedrive and Breakcold are CRM solutions designed to streamline the sales process and manage relationships with customers. They both offer a user-friendly interface and are focused on helping sales teams achieve their goals.

Tasks and Pipeline Management: Pipedrive concentrates on sales pipelines and offers a visual, intuitive pipeline view that helps sales teams track deals and progress. Breakcold, on the other hand, is focused on prospecting and social selling, integrating with LinkedIn and Twitter to improve relationship building.

Automation and Dashboard: Pipedrive offers a variety of automation options, such as scheduling emails and assigning tasks to the team members. Its dashboard allows for customization, providing an overview of deals, activities, and metrics. In comparison, Breakcold automates prospecting, enabling users to send connection requests and personalized messages on social platforms. The dashboard displays an overview of team activities on the platform.

Contacts and Custom Fields: Both solutions allow users to manage contacts, with Pipedrive focusing on leads and Breakcold on prospects. Pipedrive offers custom fields to tailor the information gathered from clients, whereas Breakcold emphasizes leveraging social media connections.

Email Marketing and Templates: Pipedrive includes built-in email marketing tools, such as email templates, scheduling, and tracking. Breakcold does not focus on email marketing but simplifies reaching out to potential B2B customers via social media platforms.

Reporting and Integrations: Pipedrive provides detailed reporting features, including deal conversion rates, lost deals, and sales performance. It also integrates with numerous third-party applications, such as Mailchimp and Salesforce. Breakcold’s reporting is centered on prospecting, and it offers social media integrations like LinkedIn and Twitter.

In this features comparison, we can see that Pipedrive and Breakcold cater to different aspects of the sales process. Pipedrive is more oriented towards pipeline management and email marketing, while Breakcold focuses on social selling and prospecting. Each tool has its specific strengths, and choosing the most suitable one depends on the unique needs of each sales team.

Round 3: Price

Round 3

When it comes to pricing, both Breakcold and Pipedrive offer different plans to cater to various business needs. Breakcold’s main advantage in pricing is that you’re not charged per user, making it an attractive option for larger teams1.

Pipedrive’s pricing structure is more traditional, with monthly costs per user depending on the chosen plan2. It has four pricing tiers: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise, ranging from $14.90 to $99 per user per month (paid annually)3.

Below is a quick breakdown of the plans offered by each CRM:


  • Not charged per user4.
  • More affordable for larger teams5.


  • Essential: $14.90 per user per month (paid annually)6.
  • Advanced: $24.90 per user per month (paid annually)7.
  • Professional: $49.90 per user per month (paid annually)8.
  • Enterprise: $99 per user per month (paid annually)9.

When it comes to choosing a CRM based on price, it’s essential to consider the size of your team and the specific features your business requires. Breakcold might be a more budget-friendly option for larger teams, while Pipedrive’s essential plan may be the most affordable option for smaller teams or businesses just starting with CRM.

It’s important to analyze and compare the features included in each plan to ensure that your chosen CRM meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals while staying within your budget. Make sure to keep this factor in mind as you weigh your options between Breakcold and Pipedrive.

Battle Decision: Breakcold Winner

Battle Decision

When it comes to the sales process, Breakcold stands out by offering unlimited users for both its CRM plan ($29 per month) and Breakcold+ plan ($49 per month) ^(source). Pipedrive, on the other hand, charges per user, making Breakcold a more cost-effective choice for growing sales teams.

In terms of lead management, both Breakcold and Pipedrive have their strengths. However, Breakcold’s innovative approach and focus on building software with its users to help close deals in 2023 give it a competitive edge over Pipedrive ^(source).

Customer support is crucial for any CRM, and both Breakcold and Pipedrive offer reliable customer service and support. That said, Breakcold’s commitment to continuous innovation and improvement ensures that its users always have access to the latest features and functionalities.

Sales reporting is another vital aspect of a CRM, and both Breakcold and Pipedrive offer robust reporting tools. However, the benefits of Breakcold’s innovative approach are again evident in its ability to provide more up-to-date and efficient reporting tools.

In summary, Breakcold emerges as the winner in this SaaS battle, thanks to its more favorable pricing structure and continuous commitment to improvement and user-centric innovation. Sales teams should consider Breakcold for its blend of effective features, cost-efficiency, and forward-thinking approach to CRM.


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