Emitto vs SimpleTexting [Alternatives Review 2021]

Looking for SimpleTexting alternatives? Choose the right platform for SMS marketing. Read our review and feature comparison of Emitto vs. SimpleTexting.

Written by Andrey Kholkin

Emitto vs SimpleTexting [Alternatives Review 2021]




SMS marketing can get very expensive and very fast.

Getting a positive ROI can be hard if your costs go over the roof.

It’s essential to find the best tool with the lowest costs.

Let’s quickly compare the pricing...

Simple Texting pricing:

$25/month for 500 SMS - $0.05/SMS

$45/month for 1000 SMS - $0.045/SMS

$75/month for 2000 SMS - $0.0375/SMS

$145/month for 7500 SMS - $0.0193/SMS

$625/month for 50,000 SMS - $0,0125/SMS

+ 1$/month per number

Emitto LTD pricing:

1 code - $0.0099/SMS

2 codes - $0.00825/SMS

3 codes - $0.00715/SMS

+ 1$/month per number

Twilio pricing (for reference):


+ 1$/month per number

So just 1 code of Emitto is already 5x more cost-effective than Simple Texting.

(1 code unlocks already full features)

Now let’s say you live in a village with a population of 50k.

And you decided to invite the ENTIRE village to your birthday party.

With a 3 stack it would cost you $357 to send everyone a personalized invitation.

And SimpleTexting the same invitation letter would be $625, 2x more.

To sum it up Emitto (with LTD) is 2-5x more cost effective than SimpleTexting.

Pricing score:

Emitto - 8/10 (winner)

Simple Texting - 4/10



Many SimpleTexting features are still missing in Emitto.

I had a close look at their roadmap and discussed it with the founder.

(Check the table below for a features comparison)



Simple Texting
Custom Fields




Campaigns (Bulk Send)



2-Way Messaging (Inbox)


RSS Feed
Link Shortner












API / Webhooks




SimpleTexting supports SMS and MMS.

While Emitto supports SMS, Viber, Messenger and Push.

I doubt I’ll be using it for anything other than SMS.

(Since the credits are pay-per-use I’ll probably get Gravitec for push.)

Although just for SMS alone this deal is worth it.

Bulk Sending (Campaigns) and Personalization

Both platforms equally support bulk sending.

And you can personalize your message based on:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Company

SimpleTexting has more personalization power because of custom fields.

Emitto currently does not support them.

But the good news is that they are coming out in May.


  • SimpleTexting supports importing contacts via:
  • Manually
  • Zapier
  • API
  • Mailchimp
  • Web form
  • Generate image

Emitto can only import manually for now.

This month they will release import via Zapier and API

2-Way Messaging (Inbox)

  • SimpleTexting supports importing contacts via:
  • Manually
  • Zapier
  • API
  • Mailchimp
  • Web form
  • Generate image

Emitto can only import manually for now.

This month they will release import via Zapier and API


SimpleTexting doesn’t really support full blown automations.

(And probably never will because of their list-based architecture, reminds anyone of Mailchimp?)

What they do support are auto-responders.

You can send an automated SMS when someone joins a list and add a time delay. (just one SMS)

Then you can use a keyword (for example “reply yes to continue”) to trigger the next SMS.

Using this pattern of auto-responder + keyword you can somewhat build something that resembles an automation. (It’s a messy process)

Frankly disappointed - they are US market leaders after all.

Now let’s check Emitto,

For now no automations - not even auto-responders.

But, but, but...

This month they are releasing keyword triggers (think of chatbots)

These keywords can trigger certain action:

Send an SMS

Notify a webhook

Assign a tag

This will be their 1st step towards automations.

This is already confirmed to be in testing phase.

An example use-case:

“Hey your call is booked tomorrow for 5pm, can you make it? (reply yes if you can)”

If the person replies “yes”:

1- You can send another SMS saying “great, talk soon”

2- Ship that webhook to Pabbly/Zapier/Your grandma’s house to continue the automation externally

3- Put a tag “Call Confirmed”

Link Shortener

Emitto's link shortener supports automatically tagging links with UTMs (before shortening).

This feature is super important to track from which sources your visitors are converting.

For example, you may to build a report comparing email vs. SMS marketing.

With SimpleTexting this can be achieved by manually tagging each link, a manual time-consuming task.

Features score

Emitto - 6/10

SimpleTexting - 8/10 (Winner)




Supported Countries

SimpleTexting supports only US/Canadian phone numbers.

Not only that, but to signup for a trial you must enter a US/Canadian phone number.

(Whaaat? That’s racist 😊)

Emitto will work for (almost?) any country.

70% of my audience will be US/Canada anyway, but why should I give up 30%?

Country support score:

Emitto - 10/10 (Winner)

SimpleTexting - 6/10

Battle Decision


I’ll give Emitto the winning hand.

Here’s why:

  • Fantastic UI/UX, you cannot tell that this is a startup company
  • More than half of missing features are coming out this month
  • They are doing the correct tag-based architecture straight from the start - more potential to become an SMS automation powerhouse
  • Pricing 2-5x better (for LTD)
  • Supports (all) the countries, not just US/Canada

As an LTD buyer I would love to have monthly recurring credits included in the deal.

However, I know that all SMS marketing platforms are built on top of another service. (In this case Twilio)

So I know that what I’m paying is for Twilio, nothing that they will be making profit of.

So yes, on one hand, there are no recurring SMS credits in the deal.

But on the other, if there would be, then I would doubt the sustainability of this deal.

I don’t usually buy into roadmaps, but I do like what I see so far.

And the really important features are already in a testing phase.

Hopefully gonna see the critical features come out before end of the refund period.

I’m gonna break the piggy-bank for this one. 🐷 🐷 🐷

Get Emitto >> www.emitto.io

(Lifetime deal has expired)

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