Weberlo vs Segmetrics. Best Traffic and Sales Attribution Platform
Are you looking for a Traffic and Sales Attribution platform to improve your ROI & ROAS? Find the best traffic & sales attribution platform. Read our detailed comparison review of Weberlo vs Segmetrics.

Written by Shikhar Singh

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What is Sales Attribution?

Sales Attribution is the process of determining which marketing activities should be credited for a sale.

What is a sales attribution platform?

A platform that provides insight into which marketing activity is responsible for closing a particular deal.

What are the benefits of sales attribution platforms?

Sales attribution platforms help us reduce the cost of ineffective marketing and maximize marketing ROI.

What is Weberlo and Segmetrics?

Both are sales attribution platforms that tells us about which of our marketing channels are performing well, and it helps us to analyze behavior of the audience. They help us to track our ROI and ROAS.

For whom:

  • Marketing agencies (ads, cold, outreach, lead gen , etc.)
  • E-commerce
  • Brands
  • Affiliates
  • Info products
  • High ticket

They determine:

  • Most profitable marketing channels
  • Average lead value
  • ROI & ROAS
  • Lifetime value of customers

Alternatives to:

  • Hyros
  • ThoughtMetric
  • WickedReports
  • ROAD Monster
  • Cometly

Use Cases:

  • Scale ad spent
  • Study customer journey
  • Discover opportunities to cut cost on non profitable activities
  • Optimize traffic monetization
  • Run experiments with traffic

About Weberlo

The company was founded in 2019.

Weberlo is an ad tracking and sales attribution platform that acts as an intermediate layer between your website and traffic sources.

It tracks all your sources and tells you which marketing channels are working best.

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Weberlo website 2022 | Comparison review

Check out screenshots of Weberlo

Main dashboard

Weberlo Customer Journey Dashboard
Weberlo Configure a new source page

Configure a new source dashboard

Weberlo Detailed Analytics

Customer journey dashboard

Detailed analytics dashboard

Segmetrics was founded in 2015 by Keith Perhac.

It's an attribution and business intelligence platform that gives you clarity on where your leads are coming from,

how they are behaving and how much your marketing is really worth.

It brings together data from all the tools that matter to your funnel,

and merges that data with ad and pixel data to tell about the accurate data about a particular contact.

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Check out screenshots of Segmetrics

Segemetrics Main Dashboard

Main dashboard

Create a new dashboard

Create a new tracking link dashboard in Segmetrics

Create a new tracking link dashboard

Integrations dashboard



Easier to setup & use

One of the major pain points in using such tools is the technical setup. When the setup is complex most people give up before they can finish. So let's compare both tools in terms of practicality.

Most marketers spend years mastering website and funnel analytics, and learning all the different variables, terms and metrics. That's great for measuring website interactions and seeing how visitors behave.

However, it's too weak to analyze all marketing channels, but with these ROI trackers, you can track how the customer moves through the entire journey and which touchpoint contributed to the sale or lead generation.

These tools follow "transaction-based" analytics, a powerful new way to understand your marketing, especially compared to traditional "click-based" web analytics.

Now we'll evaluate both tools on the basis of their UI / UX.

Thoughts the user interface and user experience:

As marketers, we are constantly looking for tools that are easy to use and save time. When I tested both tools, I liked Weberlo's user interface. The design is excellent.

Compared to Segmetrics, it was much easier to use. The implementation process with Weberlo is also straightforward.

With Segmetrics, on the other hand, the user interface needs improvement. Despite the learning curve, resources and video tutorials are provided.

In Segmetrics, we can create custom dashboards to better analyze analytics data. We can create whatever we want from a modelling and reporting perspective, but it requires a basic understanding of the data.

Have a look at the onboarding process of both the tools:

Weberlo Onboarding Process Video

Segmetrics Onboarding Process Video

Final thoughts

  • Both tools are multichannel attribution platforms. They allow us to track all of our traffic sources.
  • Weberlo has some usability advantages over Segmetrics.
  • Segmetrics, on the other hand, offers more integration options and the ability to create custom dashboards.
  • Overall, Weberlo's ease of use and clean user interface leaves Segmetrics UI / UX far behind.
  • Weberlo provides sample data to help you understand the tool's features even if you do not have your data.
  • Weberlo has an elegant and clean UI from a usability perspective, and Weberlo is the winner in this round.

Final Rating:

Here are the ratings:

9/10 to Weberlo

7/10 to Segmetrics



Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below...)




UTM Categories
Share Reports


Custom Dashboards
Attribution Models

Last attribution only (More on roadmap)


CRM Integrations


Ad Platform Integrations


Payment Integrations
Full web tracking

All Plans

Only on Business Plan

Real time data

All Plans

Only on Enterprise Plan

Customer Journey
Customer Lifetime Value
Lead tracking


Only via Zapier


UTM categories

One feature unique to Weberlo that cannot be found anywhere else is the ability to create your own traffic source categories. In other words, you can create your own conditions to match one or more UTMs. For example, if you or your client has links with UTM source "yt", "youtube" and "" you could create a category that would match all those UTMs. Now imagine you don't have this feature, each time you build a report you'll have to recalculate all the metrics manually, this does add a wee bit of consistency to your reports.

Customizable categories does add a bit of a learning curve to the tool, which is awesome for advanced users to have full power over reporting. For beginners there is the quick start feature that allows you to create a bunch of categories out-of-the-box with what would be considered default UTM values.

Full web tracking

Both tools allow you to track the entire web. By embedding the tracking code into your websites/landing pages, you can track all the traffic coming to them. The attribution system tells you which traffic source is responsible for the sales made through your website.

Customer journey

Both tools track the entire customer journey. They inform you about customer behavior at every touchpoint in your marketing funnel.

They also help you measure the lifetime value of each customer. This way, you know exactly how much you can spend to acquire a new customer. You can use customer history, previous purchases – to optimize your customer retention strategies.

Ad attribution

Both tools attribute your sales and lead that came from ads. Segmetrics stores every ad click and the output data for each new contact in your CRM or email system.

This means that every purchase a customer makes can be linked to their original traffic source, even if they delete their cookies or switch devices. They both follow the contact-based attribution model. So, the numbers reported are always accurate.

Analytics & Reporting

Weberlo analytics allows you to view:

  1. No of unique visitors to your website
  2. Form submits
  3. Orders
  4. Sales

It also tells you about Average Order Value and Earnings Per Click.

Segmetrics, on the other hand, gives you:

  1. Lead acquisition overview
  2. Engagement overview
  3. Conversion overview
  4. Retention overview

It lets you see how each touchpoint impacts repeat purchases, lifetime value, or monthly revenue per segment. You can identify high- and low-performing channels to understand what you need to do next to improve your marketing.

Segmetrics also offers unlimited custom reports. You can get insights into every aspect of your business by creating detailed custom reports on every aspect of your audience. However, only Weberlo offers real time data out of the box.


Weberlo provides a clean, clear, and unified dashboard for all your marketing activities. It is effortless to understand the data and make decisions based on it.

Segmetrics offers an advanced dashboard. You can also create your custom dashboards. You can either choose a template or create your dashboard from scratch.


Segmetrics integrates with more than 70 marketing, payment and other tools. Segmetrics imports all previous data from each integration, so you can make decisions as quickly as possible.

It combines information from your email and CRM integrations with a first-party cookie solution to track page views and links, giving you accurate data.

Segmetrics also integrates with webinar tools. With this feature, you can analyze how well the webinar performed with different leads, how long contacts attended the webinars, or what data is available in your email marketing platform.

With Segmetrics, you can split test your email nurture sequences to see how they impact sales. Compared to Segmetrics, Weberlo has a smaller number of integrations. However, most of them are in the pipeline.


Both tools offer live chat support and email support if you have questions on the job. Segmetrics has some advantages for support, as there is a knowledge base and help documentation to help new users. There are also video tutorials to help you get ahead.

Segmetrics offers both DFY and DIY services. They will train you and your team and help you get set up. Weberlo offer you one-to-one demo of the tool.

Final Score Features:

  • Both tools allow you to attribute sales and leads to your website.
  • Both track the entire Web.
  • But Segmetrics has many advantages over Weberlo in terms of integrations.
  • Segmetrics integrates with marketing, CRM, payment and other tools to make your job easier.

Overall, Segmetrics offers better sales and lead attribution features. Here, Segmetrics is the winner in this round.

Final Rating:

Here are the ratings:

6/10 to Weberlo

9/10 to Segmetrics





Weberlo Pricing Overview:

Currently, Weberlo offers two price plans. One is a monthly price plan and the other is a lifetime plan. Let us take a look at both of them:

Weberlo monthly Pricing:

The monthly pricing plans starts at $299 per month.

Take a look at the Weberlo monthly pricing details:

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Weberlo Lifetime Deal Prices:

Weberlo Lifetime Deal offers three different prices.

  • SOLOPRENEUR: $99 one-time payment, 1 workspace
  • BUSINESS: $299 one-time payment, 1 workspace
  • AGENCY: $999 one-time payment, 20 solopreneur workspaces

Take a look at the lifetime deal of Weberlo:

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Segmetrics Pricing Overview:

  • Segmetrics offers two paid pricing plans, 'Starter' and 'Business'.
  • At 10,000 contacts, paid plans are priced at $146 per month (Starter) and $413 per month (Business).
  • If you sign up for an annual subscription, you can save 17%.
  • Segmetrics also offers an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.
  • You can also try the tool for free for 14 days.

Take a look at the Segmetrics monthly pricing details:

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Final thoughts on Pricing:

  • Weberlo offers one monthly Pricing, while Segmetrics charges by the number of contacts or leads.
  • If we talk about Segmetrics' Pricing, it does not offer complete web tracking in its Starter plan. And real-time data synchronization is only available in the Enterprise plan.

Overall, Weberlo has a better pricing plan than Segmetrics. And it also offers a lifetime deal. So, Weberlo is the clear winner in this round.

Final Rating:

Here are the ratings:

9/10 to Weberlo

6/10 to Segmetrics


Battle Decision


The battle has come to its final decision, and this time the winner is Weberlo. Let us see why?

UI / UX:

Weberlo is very easy to use compared to Segmetrics. Its user interface is clear and clean.

Segmetrics, on the other hand, offers resources and training for new users. But I feel that the usability still needs to be improved.


Both tools allow you to attribute sales and leads by tracking the entire web. But Segmetrics is far ahead over Weberlo in terms of integrations.

It offers more marketing, payment, CRM and other integrations. So if we look at the features, Segmetrics is the winner.


Weberlo offers affordable pricing plans compared to Segmetrics. Segmetrics only offers standard features in its Basic plan, while Weberlo offers all features in its pricing plan. Weberlo also offers lifetime deal.

Final Thoughts:

There are many platforms for sales attribution. Some offer only ad attribution, while others are only for e-commerce platforms.

But both Weberlo and Segmetrics allow you to track the entire web. With their attribution system, you can track the entire customer journey.

Both track leads at all touchpoints of your marketing funnel, giving you 100% clarity on where your leads are coming from, how they are behaving, and which are your best performing marketing channels.

They provide accurate data on sales and leads. This allows you to analyze the data, make better decisions, and increase ROI.

However, Weberlo has an advantage in terms of usability and price. Compared to Segmetrics, it is easy to use. And in terms of price, it is affordable compared to Segmetrics and offers a lifetime deal.

So, it's time to say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets. Get one step closer to becoming a data-driven marketer.

Now It’s time to MAKE YOUR CHOICE.