Weberlo vs. Hyros – Analogy of Two Advertising Optimization Softwares
Weberlo and Hyros are sales attribution tools that surveil loopholes and prospects across marketing funnels. To know which one overpowers the other, keep reading.

Written by Andrey Kholkin

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What is Weberlo and Hyros?

Do you know what the best way to evaluate the profitability of your sales effort is? The ideal way to uplift the ROI of any marketing funnel is to use marketing analytics software. Such tools can pave the way to success by determining the critical interaction between a website and the entire customer journey.

You might be looking for the best sales attribution platform that can partake in ad attribution and help you to track customer journeys across the web. The exemplary way to boost ROAS and know more about the customer footprint on your website is to use software like Hyros or Weberlo. 

This Weberlo Vs. Hyros comparison should help you understand better and get the appropriate tool for your business. In this article, we will talk about what sales attribution platforms are for and how it benefits various ad campaigns on websites, Google, and social media platforms. 



What is Weberlo?

It is said that the more accurate the lead is, the better the return on investment. For a better monthly revenue on any e-commerce store, integrating Weberlo will work wonders for anyone. It has a clean user interface that anyone can use and won't need any tech brain for it. 

Running an ad campaign had never been easier until Weberlo dropped. This software has a precision client lifetime value system, allowing you to trace every path of your product buyer and make changes according to what will benefit you.

Rather than picking singular events, you get a holistic view of the customer footprint with Weberlo.

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Weberlo website 2022 | Comparison review

You will be allowed to decipher every touchpoint made in your marketing platforms because this software will track first party data set by marketing analytic pixels. This will allow you to observe the routes taken by each customer in your website marketing funnel. 

For marketers looking for affordable software that can be utilized right away, something that works better than other tools and falls amongst Hyros alternatives, then Weberlo can be a workable solution.

Answerly dashboard:

How Does Weberlo Work?

Weberlo helps you know more about which of your marketing channels are gaining interest and revenues. It is very easy to use and can be set up by anyone who knows how to use a computer. It makes marketing analytics easy for people and has DIY services for easy installation.

When you decide to use Weberlo, you can say bye-bye to lengthy spreadsheets because this software has its marking and analyzing system tray. Investors with low-high ticket sales in e-commerce stores will be able to use Weberlo effectively. Calculate ROI from websites, social media, emails, etc., with no fuss.

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Weberlo website 2022 | Comparison review

The traffic sources platform in Weberlo will help you identify what's working and what's failing; this will make things easier for you to pick out and put to the test. 

Weberlo has insightful integration and an easy payment platform. The interface has a sleek look and can be worked around easily. There is the main dashboard, customer interaction dashboard, analytics dashboard, and detailed sourcedashboard that can be a lifesaver for many users.

What Is Hyros?

It is an advert optimizing tool that emphasizes ad tracking to provide helping hands to online marketers. This software does critical analysis on ad spend and lets you track the footprint of customers and overall leads. Having Hyros integrated into your social media or webpage sale will aid you in optimizing the page for superior results.

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Hyros is a functional business intelligence platform that helps to ameliorate conversion attribution and increase ROI on your ad platforms. Hyros works on website ads, google ads, and Facebook ads and provides effective insights on all sorts of ad campaigns. 

This tool is very functional and will determine the traffic source responsible for potential sales. You won't be needing those excruciatingly long spreadsheets to figure things out. 

Keep in mind that it works as pixel data and might be interrupted if AdBlock is enabled. In general, Hyros should sync all conversion data across google ads and Facebook ads alike, making things easier for you. 

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This software was made by Alex Becker, who is a marketer himself. He wanted something more convenient in tracking customers and improving his sales. Thus he came up with Hyros, which is now available as an invite only platform for many media buyers.

How Does Hyros Work?

Now, you know about Hyros; it runs to trace the marketing channels and highlight the routes from where the leads are being generated. You might ask, how does this software work? 

Implementing Hyros on your business page is fairly easy and simple but not free. You won't need help from the developer to make it functional. If you use this software, it should trace you on all the devices you operate, such as desktops, tablets, and phones.

As it has an invite only function, you will be sent a watcher script that will help you install Hyros across all the critical segments of your website. This script is what keeps track of a visitor's data such as IP address, email address, cookie data, sales data, etc. With Hyros, you will be able to extract more data, therefore better tracking of all the details.

Hyros is one of the functional marketing tools available. It works best for certain industries with a large investment scheme. Smaller companies might not be fitted for Hyros integration.

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Hyros offers one of the simplest ways to know more about a customer's mindset and how they are interacting with your products. You can use it to find out your potential buyers so that you don't need to spend extra cash on unnecessary ad campaigns. 

Hyros helps save time and be accurate with tracking customer footprints across the entire web. If you want to start improving your ad ROI right away, get Hyros from their official website.


Benefits of Weberlo

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Every sales optimization tool comes with some sort of benefit. Some can be in your favor, and some might not. Weberlo is an excellent software to track ads and generate sales by monitoring customer movements. They also come with some advantages that must not be overlooked, such as:

  • Usability and pricing are what make it special. It costs less compared to many other marketing tools. 
  • Traffic sources help utilize real sales data, aiding you to analyze the advert spending and point out revenues.
  • Precise tracker promises to lead all sources such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gmail, etc., under one platform.
  • Tracks the entire web and provides data according to it, rather than optimizing a single source.
  • You will be able to monitor the lifetime value of customers and their movements correlating to your products and ads.
  • Flexible pricing plans, comparatively cheaper than other Software.

Benefits of Hyros

For tracking and improving return on investment, Hyros is an effective operating tool. It doesn't come for free, but if you can get the invitation for installation, you are likely to cherish its advantages. Let's take a peek atsome of its stellar attributes.

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  • Helps you monitor ad spending on various ad platforms like YouTube ads, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.
  • Sync traffic from varying platforms to a single place.
  • Monitor all the traffic sources and match sales with precision.
  • Reduce ad spends up to 15% with Hyros.
  • It not only tracks social media accounts but, overall, it monitors the whole web and acquires genuine customers for e-commerce business,
  • Identifies and tracks high ticket phone call funnels.
  • Best suited for paid marketing on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, ticktock, Snapchat, etc.







Cost of Weberlo

Unlike Hyros, Weberlo installation will cost you less. It has two types of paid plans. One is the basic plan for monthly use. The other is a lifetime plan, which is divided into three modules. Marketers can purchase any one of these depending on their choice.

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The yearly plan has three types of expenses, broken down into solopreneur, business, and agency systems. Starting from 99 dollars to up to 1000 dollars. Check the Image above for accurate pricing and offers.

Cost of Hyros

The pricing is not mentioned on their website; thus, it's hard to understand thecomplete picture. You will need to follow their website and place a booking. Once you've done that, the advisors from Hyros will talk to you and know about your investment plans. If you fit their criteria, you will be sent an invitation. This is how it works.

Later's Pricing | Hopper HQ vs Later | Comparison Review | Best Instagram Planning & Scheduling Software

In general, Hyros activation can start from 399 dollars per month, which can go up to thousands of dollars depending on your company and revenue plan. Hyros charges their customer to pay a 12-month advance bill. 

Hyros offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if you have invested and have no improvement in sales and fail to make what you invested, you can go for a refund.


Battle Decision


Now that you know what both these tracking software offer, the big question is: How they compare to one another? What if we put these two heads to head—which one should you pick? You can start by comparing some basic aspects of these marketing tools.

Costing and Setup

How easy is the setup? Well, we have to give credit to Weberlo for its easy to install option. You can simply go ahead and purchase Weberlo services through an easy payment method. You can either purchase a monthly subscription or a yearly one to enjoy an extensive business tracking deal. 

On the other hand, Hyros is kinda hard to get in terms of purchase because there is no direct statement of the expenses and installation procedure.

You will have to ask for a booking and then will be referred by Hyros authorities with an invitation feature if you match their minimum entry requirement. Only then will you be able to install the software.


Weberlo and Hyros are developed for business tracking and ad tracking; thus, both are destined to show you the data progress related to the customer journey and every customer impression on your posted ad. This helps you with informed decisions while trying to plot a viable strategy. 

Once you enter the software after successful installation, you will be accessing the interfaces. We can assure you that Hyros seems to be a bitcomplicated when it comes to overall user-friendliness and handling of the interface.

Surfing Weberlo can be fun as the interface is very easy to work with. 

Customer Journey 

These analyzers can track the overall customer movements across your business funnel. You can separately measure the lifetime value for every client.

Ad Attribution 

Hyros and Weberlo track every ad click and attribute it to the sale. 

Full Web Tracing 

These tools are not limited to a particular platform; rather, these two will use tracking codes on every landing page to count the leads and overall sales. 

Dashboard Function 

Weberlo is extremely workable through its versatile dashboards. There are different types of dashboards like analytics dashboards, customer journey dashboards, new source dashboards, and the main dashboard on this tracking software for uncomplicated implementation. 

Hyros, on the other hand, is a bit critical for newcomers and might require knowledge about data processing. 

CRM Integrations and Others 

When we talk about integration and attaining a clear picture of your overall business and customer movements, then Weberlo is decent enough, but Hyros has a better success rate in tracking business and customers and offers sufficient leads and sales.

Final Thoughts:

After breaking down every function of these two sales attribution software in our Weberlo Vs. Hyros article, we can say that Weberlo is much more straightforward and easily accessible compared to Hyros. 

Both will do a fine job in tracking your clients and help you generate more revenue. Needless to ay, they will pinpoint every lead data and monitor the sales. You will be able to learn about the inadequacies as well as the effective developments of your marketing conduit. 

If you are capable of learning from your shortcomings, you should be taking your business to the next level. 

Now It’s time to MAKE YOUR CHOICE.