Vyper vs. Upviral [Gleam Alternatives 2021]

Looking for Gleam alternatives? Choose the right platform for viral giveaways. Read our review and feature comparison of Vyper vs. Upviral.

Written by Andrey Kholkin

Vyper vs. Upviral



User interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Vyper is more intuitive and easier to use.

Their user-interface (UI) is minimalistic and has a very professional feel to it.

Not only for your eyes...

But also for your customer's

Because the landing page and share page you will build for your clients

Will also have the exact clean and sexy look.

Same goes with the user-experience (UX),

I was twice as fast to figure and setup Vyper vs. Upviral.

Hands down to Vyper on bringing a well polished tool to my playground.

Vyper - 9/10 (Winner)

Upviral - 7/10


Feature Comparison

Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below)



Fraud Detection
Double Optin
Facebook Optin
Grand Prize



Buy Actions (Shopify)
Custom Actions
Buy Referral (Shopify)
Source Tracking
Split Testing
Page Builder


drag & drop

Email Validation

ONLY "Email list verify"

Custom Email Sender






Location Restriction
Comments on Share Page

IP address



Fraud Detection

Both tools support fraud detection.

Exactly how these algorithms work is unknown.

Nor will they be disclaimed,

Since making it public would risk abuse.

So it's impossible to say which one has the best fraud detection.

Double Optin

Both platforms support double optin.

This just means that a confirmation email is sent and the user must click a link.

Necessary to avoid fake emails.

Unless you can use an email validation tool.

Upviral supports one called "Email List Verify"

But most of you, like me, probably use some other tool,

So this won't bring much use.

(I'll just stick with double optin)

Facebook Optin

One cool feature of Upviral is social Facebook optin.

Instead of using a form with name and email fields,

You insert a button.

When a user clicks they are redirect to Facebook

Then permission is asked to obtain name and email.

Why is this freakin awesome?

Cause a user can create multiple emails and refer himself

But creating multiple facebook profiles would take much, much more work.

Meaning your lead quality will be higher.


Upviral by default has social share actions.

So they do not need to be configured,

Just choose how many points are awarded.

In Vyper, these are custom actions, so a bit more work to set it up.

On the other hand, Vyper has a unique feature:

A buy action.

You can award points for spending a certain amount.

For example "Spend $10 to get 10 points".

You can also give point for referring buys.

However, this works only with Shopify.

Would be great to see more integrations.

Apart from this everything else is the same in Upviral and Vyper.


Upviral has two separate features:

Incentives and a grand prize.

Grand prizes are limited to a pre-defined number of winners.

But incentive can have unlimited number of winners,

At a certain amount of points they are unlocked.

An example of an incentive:

100 points they can get access to a coupon code.

These features in Vyper are just called rewards,

But essentially it's the same thing.

Where Vyper is better:

Vyper can have multiple grand prizes,

But Upviral only allows one grand prize.

So I assume if you would want to set 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize,

This would not be possible in Upviral.

Also Vyper has a "redeem" incentive where you can spend points

This is perfect for creating evergreen bonus program.

Kind of like airlines do with their miles program.

Especially if you combine this with buy actions.


Give 10 points for each $10 spent and offer a free t-shirt in exchange for 200 points.

Pretty awesome...

Where Upviral is better:

Upviral adds a bit of automation to incentives.

You can give out unique promo codes.

Basically you upload a list of codes and Upviral makes sure that each code is only given once.

This is perfect for doing a giveaway of software licenses, where each code can be redeemed only once.

Another automation type for incentives are file downloads.

You just upload the file to Upviral and it will take care of distribution.

Without the need to setup anything external.

Another benefit of Upviral is that grand prize winners can be automatically awarded:

  • Most points
  • Random

Vyper also can choose a winner randomly but involves an extra manual step.

Source Tracking

If you bring traffic from multiple sources

Then you'll want to see conversion rate by source.

Upviral allows you to create tracking links for this.

Vyper shows only total conversions for all sources.

Split Testing

Upviral allows you to create multiple versions of the landing page (and emails)

So you can split test them

And see what converts best.

Vyper doesn't have split testing feature.

Location Restriction

Upviral allows you to restrict specific countries.

Really useful if you want to have control over lead quality.

You'll be able to select only the countries that fit your target audience,

So you don't collect irrelevant leads.

Vyper doesn't have this feature.


Upviral allows you to ban also emails and entire domains.

Which is really cool if you wanna do manual fraud detection.

Like for example removing participants that create disposable emails.

Vyper allows you to ban only ip addresses.

Page Builder

Vyper doesn't really have a page builder.

It's more like, you have switches to turn on/off elements

Like headline, sub-headline, etc

It's more of a rich text editor vs. an actual page builder

You cannot drag & drop elements into the page or create sections

Just one template that you can customize.

The template does look amazing

So in terms of setting it up, you'll be faster and you'll have a really good looking page.

Upviral on the other hand, has a proper page builder

You can create blocks

Add column

Drag and drop element


Also they have 8 different templates you can choose from

Although the templates are pretty basic.

Doesn't mean that you can't build something epic if you spend the time creating templates.

To sum it up

A page in Vyper can be setup quickly and will look good out of the box

And Upviral is more powerful and customizable,

But will require more time.

Features score

Upviral is more feature rich than Vyper.

Unless you are a Shopify user,

In which case I would say it's pretty even.

Cause there are some pretty uniques features for Shopify.

This round goes to Upviral.

Features score:

Vyper - 7/10

Upviral - 8/10 (Winner)




Prices & Plans

Vyper costs $75/month (paid anually)

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 5,000 leads / month (if you send emails via Vyper)
  • 30,000 leads / month (if you configure SMTP)
  • 1 custom domain

While Upviral costs $59/month (paid anually)

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 25,000 leads
  • 3 custom domains

Upviral gives the best value.

Especially, if you need more than 1 custom domain.

Otherwise it’s pretty much the same thing.

Pricing score:

Vyper - 5/10

Upviral - 6/10 (Winner)


Battle Decision


This is a tough one.

Upviral has a better page builder, split testing and source tracking.

Everything you need to optimize landing pages for higher conversion rates.

It has the touch and feel of a tool built by a funnel hacker.

Vyper on the other hand has "redeem" incentives

Which combined together with Shopify buy actions

You can create your own "miles" program

To increase the lifetime value (LTV) of regulars.

This is more of a e-commerce branding tool.

Hard to say which tool is better.

What I can say is,

If you build funnels go with Upviral.

If you do e-commerce (especially Shopify) and want solid branding then go with Vyper.

If you fit into both categories then you’ll have a hard time deciding.

I truely enjoyed both tools.

A month from now,

I'll still be thinking which one is best for my use-case

Get Vyper >> https://vyper.io

Get Upviral >> https://upviral.com