Tykr vs Aikido – Which Is Better for Building Your Investment Portfolio?
Tykr vs Aikido: Who will prevail? To answer the question, we've used both, and we believe we have a winner! Read more, and you'll shortly get to know who wins!

Written by Andrey Kholkin

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What is an investment tracker?

Aikido and Tykr are two of the top options for building and managing investment portfolios. Both of them provide stock portfolio management, and these solutions are often used by investment managers and traders.

These SaaS tools help you track and analyze different investments like funds, stocks, bonds, and lately crypto as well.

Plus, they provide a full financial report of their analysis to their clients. Taking all the positives and negatives into today’s Tykr vs Aikido battle, we have

found the better option among them. Go through the article to find out our winner!

What is Tykr?

Tykr is basically an all-in-one stock screener that assists you in making reasonable investment decisions.

If you're interested in different stocks, then Tykr can surely impress you with their unique algorithm to help you build and manage your portfolio.

The platform provides insights into around 20k+ US, Canada, and international stocks.

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Investing Tips

Tykr watches over the share market for a sign of price increase or decrease. From the cutting-edge algorithm to other features- Tykr surely knows how to manage stock accounts and which stock to invest in. Their hard work results in excellent investing tips that a person can choose to take.

Portfolio Management

To build an investment portfolio and manage it is no easy job. It takes a vast number of open-source calculations. With Tykr,

you can easily find options where you can invest your money safely – the whole process won't take more than a minute!

Tykr is still adding international stocks as we speak. The company will continue to expand from the US to the UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, China, India, and other countries.

Reliable Stock Screener

If we consider the reviews, then Tykr has a 4.9/5 rating on the unbiased review site, TrustPilot. Tykr helps you save a lot of time and lets you invest in the stock market even if you don't have much training.

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You'll still have to learn the ropes of the stock market, but their top-quality features will give you the confidence to kick start your journey. Moreover, their customer support is quite responsive and active.

Features of Tykr at a Glance

  • Risk management
  • Portfolio management
  • Comprehensive financial analysis
  • Historical reporting
  • Life-saving investment insights
  • Stock market education
  • In-person training

Who Needs Tykr?

Tykr is a fantastic option for people trying their luck in the share market. It's equally useful for advanced investors, but if you're a person who hasn't got much training in the market in his life – then Tykr can be a good choice.

Tykr focuses on educating you about the whole business, so you won't feel like the market doesn't speak English or that the money is wasted.

What Does Tykr Cost?

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Tykr has three monthly/yearly plans. The basic plan gives you access to worldwide stocks as well as education and webinars, costing only $13 a month.

The Pro plan will cost you $20 a month and covers all the regular features alongside watch lists, alerts, and access to the portfolio of their founder, Sean.

The third plan, Enterprise, is customizable.

What is Aikido?

Aikido provides its clients with a catalog of quantitative strategies to create a portfolio as fast as possible.

Their target is to make the whole process of quantitative investment as simple and as easy as possible.

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Automated Portfolio Creation

One of the best features of Aikido is that it has an automated portfolio tool that lets you create and download an investment portfolio within 5 minutes.

This feature is applicable for both crypto and stocks.

Portfolio Tracking

If you choose Aikido's service, you'll have the chance to acquire an in-depth analysis of your portfolio. The research, tracking, and analysis will be done by specialists in Aikido — so reliability won't be an issue.

Reduce Risk and Time

The Aikido algorithm helps you get started with your portfolio and also manage it like a seasoned investor. They'll do all the tough equations for you, all you

have to do is invest the money in the right place. It reduces the overall risk associated with investing money in new, high-risk stocks.

Features of Aikido at a Glance

  • Evidence-based algorithmic trading
  • Quantitative investment tips
  • Suitable for stock traders
  • Time-saving strategies for high returns
  • User-friendly interface

Who Needs Aikido?

Aikido is for anyone interested in a data-driven approach than word-to-mouth for creating investment profiles. Its features make the whole trading process simple, so millennials who are just entering the business should like it.

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What Does Aikido Cost?

Aikido Basic plan is 100% free. It includes manual portfolio creation, analytics, rebalancing, etc. However, the Premium version sells for $99 a year,

and it will offer advanced features such as Automated portfolio creation, infinite Crypto DCAs, premium trading strategies, etc.

Key Differences Between Tykr and Aikido

Aikido is a basic, simple platform that can be used by any person. It's relatively cheaper than Tykr too.

However, when it comes to the main features like portfolio management and stock management- Tykr is miles ahead of Aikido.

Their live, in-person training is nonexistent in Aikido. Moreover, they have risk management software that Aikido doesn't have.


Rounding Up

To sum up, we'll have to say that Tykr is easily a better alternative to Aikido.

While it's true that Aikido is a very useful option for beginners,

Tykr simply has better features than Aikido.

We hope this Tykr vs Aikido comparison was useful to you!

Now It’s time to MAKE YOUR CHOICE.