Teachable vs Traverse [Teachable Alternatives. The best online course platform in 2021
Are you looking for Teachable alternatives? Choose the right online training platform. Read our comparison of Teachable vs Traverse. Find the best Teachable alternative in 2021.

Written by Mariela Casanova

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Teachable vs Traverse [Teachable Alternatives. The best online course platform in 2021

Teachable alternatives |Comparison Review

Discover Best Teachable Alternatives.

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Find the Best Online Course Platform in 2021.

An increasingly popular option for small businesses is to offer courses among their services and products.

Select the best online platform to sell your course materials by comparing multiple tools.

You'll be able to pick the best SaaS for your online course using the comparison battle. Teachable vs Traverse.

From this review of course builders, MAKE YOUR CHOICE and pick out the most suitable one for your needs. 

Teachable vs. Traverse| Comparison Review

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What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System is a tool that allows instructors to create/manage online courses. Students can use it to take online courses.

Who is an online educational platform for?

Online platforms are helpful for teachers and learning enthusiasts who want to reach a specific audience with online courses.

Which is the best course creator for you?

The one that allows you to acquire knowledge in a short time and become more productive in creating content materials.

Traverse vs Teachable alternative

Teachable 🤠

This program has been in the works for more than eight years.

Traverse vs Teachable alternative

He goes by Dixie Normous🙈

We are happy to have our first tester on board.

Traverse vs Teachable alternative

Traverse 🤖

The project has been in development for nearly two years.

Master the market of course creation today.

Are you an entrepreneur?

For most entrepreneurs, creating online courses is a natural step after gathering and learning a lot of information to become an expert in their field. If you have an online business, you probably also have the ability to sell courses online.

Why should you maintain an online training software?

You will inevitably come to a point where you see the need to present this information to a larger audience. So in one way or another, we are all learners and teachers. It's the same coin with different faces. And if you have an online business, I am sure you are a learner in some area as well. So, you can use it as a tool for self-study.

Why create online courses?

Besides, selling courses is another way to make money. Something you can do without wasting your time and energy. Learn and share knowledge, add value to your audience by offering online courses or your expertise.

Which is the best online course creator for me?

Let us find out together. There are many online learning platforms in the market. For this battle, we have chosen two platforms that, we think, are the best course creators for you:

Teachable, which has been in the market for a long time and has many features, and Traverse, a new competitor with a new concept from Super Learning. Let us find out which is the best course builder for your needs.

About Teachable:

Teachable has been around since 2013, before it was called Fedora, and was founded and run by Ankur Nagpal.

Teachable's website states, “With our powerful yet simple all-in-one platform, you can easily create an online course or coaching business.”

The company has been around for a long time and has grown their team and brand significantly over the years. Take a look at their exciting story.

Teachable Comparison Review Teachable Alternatives

Teachable Comparison Review Teachable Alternatives

About Traverse:

Traverse is a new company 100% founded by a bootstrapper. It was founded in 2019 by Dutch entrepreneur Dominic Zijlstra. He is an avid learner who tried to learn Chinese, got frustrated, and overcame that frustration by developing his method.

He developed his technique based on the Super Learning method and then built the Traverse platform where anyone can create courses, but students also have a better learning experience.

To learn more about him, read his fantastic story:

Traverse Comparison Review Teachable Alternatives

Traverse Comparison Review Teachable Alternatives





User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

User Experience Design is dedicated to increasing user, student and developer satisfaction by ensuring that every product satisfies them by connecting technology to people's needs.

Teachable | User Interface & User Experience (UI / UX)

Let us take a look at Teachable's menu. When you start using it, you'll notice that the first menu is pretty simple, and when you start creating your course, the second menu pops up with lots of options. (Too many for my taste). You have a whole academy (TeachableU) to understand Teachable.

Menu Teachable 2021 | Review Teachable Alternatives

Menu Teachable 2021 | Review Teachable Alternatives

Traverse | User Interface & User Experience (UI / UX)

In the case of Traverse, you will also find two menus. One is the settings (account details, security, API, and payout). Both menus are kept simple.

There is also a marketplace where you can offer your courses. (Spoiler alert from round 02)

There are also courses on imports and exports, which we will go into in more detail in the next round. You have a knowledge base and the ability to ask for help.

Menu Traverse | Comparison Review Teachable Alternative 2021

Conclusion | User Interface & User Experience (UI / UX)

Teachable is a leader in the world of online course platforms and has advanced customization options to get your course started, but since it offers many options, it takes more time to become an expert.

As a student, I find Teachable easy, but creating your online courses can be complicated. Get ready to learn at the friendly online school TeachableU (free access if you have a paid Teachable plan).

As for Traverse, sometimes less is more. In this case, I can say that this phrase describes well the user interface of Traverse in this comparison.

Traverse is its synonym for simplicity. My favourite part is the import and export course. I never thought it could be so easy to create a course. Please cheque out the GIF I just created for you:

I decided to give an example this round of how I created a course in 3 steps and in less than 60 seconds and... drop the mic or the pen.. Anyway, that was easy, buddy!

Traverse example creating an online course from an article. 2021

Traverse may not have a fancy UI, too many options, native integration or bundles. But the course creation process was the easiest I have ever tried. I found Teachable's website overwhelming to say the least, because there was so much knowledge and so many steps to set up compared to Traverse.

Traverse is still in its infancy, but all the basics are there. UX is well designed and it looks like the needs of the users are taken into account. They are also very visually oriented and offer content creation and organization like a mind map.

Final Score | User Interface & User Experience (UI / UX)

Traverse is clearly easier to understand in this round, and therefore the winner. Even our head tester, Dixie "The Monkey", can create and sell courses in 3 steps.

The introductory information could be better, which is why I am deducting a few points, but it's still easy to create the course without reading an onboarding process.

Their simple process can open up unlimited possibilities, from online courses to effectively organizing information visually.

Teachable 5/10

Traverse 7/10 (Winner)




Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below...)



Academies or School*

Limit one per license


Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Students
Unlimited Storage*
Custom Domain *
White Labelling* 
Private and hidden Courses
Courses Marketplace*
Create Quizzes


Completion Certification

Webhooks and API

(Compatible w/ Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly, etc.)

VAT (value-added tax) for EU
GPDR Compliance
Landing Page or Sale Pages
Advance Customization*

Webhooks and API

(Compatible w/ Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly, etc.)

Integrated payment processing*
Live Chat Support*

On the Roadmap

Email support
SEO Friendly
Integrated payment processing  


Import and export Courses
Third-Party Tools



Help documentation
Free and Paid Plans
CSS snippets
Coupon codes

Can be manually requested

Drip course content

On the Roadmap

Team Members

On the Roadmap

Custom User Roles

On the Roadmap

Basic Student Reporting
Student Comments
Student Management & Email


Affiliate Features

On the Roadmap

Advanced Theme Customization


Personalized Learning Algorithm

*Some of this features are available on paid plans

Teachable Features:

Well, Teachable is an "all-in-one" online course creator. That says it all, no further comments. But all kidding aside, let us take a look at the features of these excellent tools.

Teachable is a mature product and offers numerous third-party integrations, custom integrations with major companies in the areas of email, affiliate, community, payments, and advanced landing page customization.

For a business that wants one solution for everything and has the budget, Teachable is an option to consider in terms of features.

Traverse Features:

Traverse has a more visual style with the concept of simplicity, but the design of the landing page or sales page is not as customizable compared to Teachable.

The Traverse platform integrates and automates reminder features for students and does the rest through an API and webhooks.

Traverse has a marketplace, meaning you can sell your courses to other like-minded people. This not only makes it easy to generate leads, but also to test your ideas at an early stage.

Traverse can integrate with Stripe to link each course/academy individually. This allows you to sell courses to different niches or businesses. Sassy Entrepreneur!

Final Score : Feature

The winner in terms of features is teachable. Because it offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features for advanced customization, native integrations, and automation, its platform is generally more advanced than Traverse.

Teachable 8/10 (Winner)

Traverse 5/10






Teachable Pricing Overview

Teachable's prices range from a free version with their branding to a paid version where you can use your own domain and use a variety of features. Prices range from $39 to $299 monthly, with some discount if you pay annually. Sorry didn't find any discount for this article.

Prices Teachable Basic Plans and more | Review Alternative to teachable 2021

Traverse Pricing Overview

There is a free tier and prizes available to everyone on Traverse. A monthly fee of $5 to $50 is their starting point. That's a big difference from Teachable.

For newcomers, these prices (early-bird prices) are available as monthly, yearly, and lifetime deals. We found a discount code for you.

Prices Traverse Basic Plan and more | Review Alternative to teachable 2021

Conclusion and Prices Final Score

For the readers of SaaS Battles we have obtained a very special code. But even without that code, Traverse is a clear winner in this round!!! yes, money and discounts are important.

Pricing score

Teachable 6/10

Traverse 9/10 (Winner)



Battle Decision


Final Conclusions:

The battle has reached its climax, it is time to face the battle decision. TRAVERSE has prevailed in this battle. Let us analyze why:

User Experience:

As course creators, we value simplicity. You probably want to reduce the time required to create the course material. If you are a student, I can say that you are also looking for a user-friendly platform, but most importantly, quality content where simplicity helps to achieve that.

Some people have difficulty learning, others do not. Many factors contribute to the ability to learn, but methods that focus on the learning experience, especially mind maps, are a good start to ensuring a smooth flow and having courses that sell.

The main focus when creating an online course is to provide a positive learning experience, whether it's a free course or a paid course. A satisfied user will be loyal to you and recommend the course to others.

Traverse is exactly what it wants to be, and the whole concept is based on super-learning, which is fascinating. It appeals to users like me, someone who has learned a lot and is still on a learning journey.


The features are not very extensive, but enough to get you started and connect some additional services via API and webhooks. You can always add your course to your existing site, and create as many courses and academies as you like until you find the right one and scale it. (Custom features can be added internally for an additional cost: Enterprise Plan).

You can also organize the information visually and in a modern way to help you remember what you learn and create your courses faster. A happy course creator is the path to a successful entrepreneur.

The function to import and export courses is very useful and has many use cases. (Example: just add a lead magnet after each article or publication, such as mini courses on the topic of the article). The marketplace is just another window to generate leads and also, like I said, to test your ideas on other entrepreneurs like you.


I think everyone should have Traverse. Right now, Traverse is affordable for every budget. I call it a state-of-the-art, user-friendly tool for learning and teaching experiences. Plus, it's a great idea if you are trying to start your own online education business. Even Dixie (our head tester) agrees with me.

Learning, teaching and making money with Traverse is all possible.

Here is your code. SAASBATTLES This code just work in their sale page. Thank me later.

Thank you for reading this review.

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