Scalify vs Adyouneed [Best Ad Management Software] Review
Are you looking for an Ad management platform? Choose the best advertising software. Read our detailed comparison review about Scalify vs Adyouneed.

Written by Shikhar Singh

Contributor at SaaS Battles

Scalify vs Adyouneed [Best Ad Management Software] Review

What are Scalify and Adyouneed?

Both of these tools are Ads Manager Software programs that can be used to advertise your products and services through the use of advertisements campaigns.

For who are online advertising tools?

Businesses, SaaS companies, e-commerce companies, marketing agencies and advertising agencies to drive leads and sales through online ads campaigns.

What is advertising agency software?

A marketing agency software will assist the users in managing their day-to-day operations to run advertisements effectively.

What is the best ad software?

Any advertising software that suits your needs and helps you run a successful campaign. That has a user-friendly interface to manages your advertising budget and provides you with data and reports to optimize your campaign for your ideal target audience.

If Dixie( our head tester) launches his first campaign for this trial’is because he found the best program to handle your ads.

Other Similar Tools:, Ads Manager, AdEspresso, Revealbot, Madgicx, ROI Hunter, Taboola

Why these online tools to do digital advertising exist?

It's not easy to run a successful advertising campaign, especially when you have no experience with ads.

It can be a daunting task to manage all your audience data across multiple platforms and reports.

Advertisers can manage their client base and ads with these platforms and track their results in real-time.

You can manage multiple ad management accounts and social media accounts on one single platform.

Social media ads can be used to promote your business or organization and reach your target audience. You can use this to create awareness or convert.

Today, SaaS Battle Team's focus about finding the best ads' software for you and your team, so you can run successful ad campaigns as quickly as possible. We will test them for you, but as always! The decision is yours to make.

Let us start this comparison review between Scalify and Adyouneed and see which software will be the winner.

About Scalify

Scalify is a 100% bootstrapped, founded in 2018. The founder and CEO Yassir Ennazk wants to “help business maximize Ad Profits”. Scalify was developed within Shopify. But now they have grown enough to open their platform to business owner and marketer like me to run successful online ads in any industry.

Scalify website 2021 | Scalify vs Adyouneed Comparison Review | Best Advertising Manager Software.

About Adyouneed

Adyouneed is a tool that helps you reach your target audience through its ad platform. It was launched in 2018 by Tufan Gok in France. The website states, “Create the ad you need. The marketing platform that helps you create and optimize ads in minutes, so you can focus on what matters — your business.”

Adyouneed website 2021 | Scalify vs Adyouneed | Comparison Review | Best advertising manager tool.



User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

OK, let's start with the UX and Interface design. Even if you're new to advertising, the software should be easy for all the users. The interface of Ads Manager must be intuitive and familiar with Facebook's or Google Ad Campaigns manager so that people can easily create an ad campaign without difficulty.

Scalify menu 2021 | Comparison Review 2021

Adyouneed menu |Comparison Review 2021

Conclusion User Experience UX

Both platforms have an implementation process and help documentation. These adware programs have similar goals and functions, which we will explain in the next round. Let us start with what's fun: comparing their interfaces.

The first difference is that AdYouNeed can turn Dark Mode on and off as needed. Scalify has a clear dashboard, but does not offer the dark side. As for dark mode, it may not matter to you, but I prefer light backgrounds to dark ones. However, at some point when your eyes get tired, dark mode can be helpful.

The second difference is that Scalify shows more options than its competitor in most places. The size of the letters in Adyouneed is too small; I do not understand why… so if you are short-sighted, you should put on your glasses.

I dislike the colors theme of Adyouneed, sorry. Scalify's color theme, on the other hand, is well-balanced that you can spend hours with this tool. Scalify does not offer live support, but Adyouneed does; I hope Scalify will add that feature soon. Both are easy to use.

Take a look at the screenshots and see for yourself if you like it.

Adyouneed Color scheme and font size:

Scalify Color scheme and font size:

Final Rating:

Adyouneed's menu seems simpler at first glance, but I think Adyouneed's tiny font and contrasting light blue colour make it less user-friendly than Scalify, and Scalify was more intuitive to understand than Adyouneed, so here is the rating:

8/10 to Scalify Winner

6/10 to Adyouneed



Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below...)



Multiple users
Multiple Ad accounts
Multiple websites/stores
AI Generated Ad Copy

Coming soon

Ads Platform Integration

Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads (Coming Soon).

Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Google Ads.

Split Testing

Automatic A/B testing

Catalog Ads
Campaign Dashboard
Automation Builder
Scaling Strategies
Pre-Built Audience Templates
Audience Builder
One-click Campaign Setup
Automatic UTM Tagging
Automatic Optimizations
Share preview
AI Audience Finder
Dark mode
Design Ads with Canva and Crello
Pre-made Lookalike Audience
20% Country Reach
Bulk Audience Creation  
Analytics Dashboard
3-in-1 Data Aggregation
Google Analytics
Profit Calculation
COGS Calculation
Product Based Reports
Product-based Ad campaigns
Asset Organization
Pre-built Optimization Strategies
eCommerce Integration
About Scalify's features

The Advantages of Scalify

You can target the audience that ordered from your website and create a lookalike audience to scale your campaign.

Scalify allows you to create customized dashboards based on aggregating information from three sources.  

Scalify integrates easily with most e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Squarespace, Wix and WooCommerce.

And that's the best thing about Scalify: you can use it to launch product-based ad campaigns and provide product-based analytics, you can use media from the product to serve your ads.

I like Scalify's automation strategies. You can save time and money and reach a larger audience with the profitable campaigns.

The Disadvantages of Scalify:

Dark mode feature is not available. Do not have integration with Canva and Crello, the rest is superb, so no more complaints.

About AdYouNeed Features

The Advantages:

With the AI Finder, you can test different audiences and find out the most performing ones.

Work seamlessly across Facebook, Instagram, and Google with a single app.

You can even take advantage of fully automated Dynamic Search Ads by adding a link to your website. They have an artificial intelligence-based sales copy generator. That is good!

Plus, you can edit and design ads that are stop scrolling in Canva and Crello, so you do not have to rely on graphic designers.

The Disadvantage:

It only integrates with Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads. There are no automation strategies to prevent losing your ad spend, no UTM tagging, and no direct integration with e-commerce platforms.

Final score features

I like the one-click campaign setup, audience building, and automation strategies that allow you to run a successful campaign with Scalify.

It is possible to create multiple ad variations and run automated A/B testing with instant scaling up to 200 lookalike audiences.

The features that are essential for creating and managing a successful ad campaign are missing in AdYouNeed.

A close comparison between the two programs shows a clear winner. Scalify is generally a much more flexible solution that includes more robust features such as audience building, product-based reports and ad campaigns, mass scaling, automation strategies, UTM tagging, and powerful analytics dashboards.

It also offers better integrations with e-commerce platforms compared to AdYouNeed.

AdYouNeed — 8/10

Scalify — 9/10 Winner





Scalify prices overview

Scalify pricing depends on your monthly Ad budget. It can be purchased for as low as $29 per month with an Ad spend limit up to $5000, and It can go as high as $2,420/month for maximum Ad spend: $3,000,000/month.

Scalify's prices | Scalify vs Adyouneed | Comparison Review | Best advertising manager tool 2021

AdYouNeed Pricing

Adyouneed offers three different plans. Starter from $50 a month to $250 which is in development. From the ultimate plan, $100 a month with not limited in ad spending.

Adyouneed's prices | Scalify vs Adyouneed | Comparison Review | Best advertising manager tool 2021

Conclusion Pricing

Scalify is based on the limit of your ad spend. This sounds good for someone just starting out with Ads, freelancers, solopreneurs, small businesses, etc. In my opinion, Scalify charges too much. Considering small businesses and solopreneurs, Scalify's pricing strategy is good.

Adyouneed pricing strategy has been optimized for agencies and businesses alike. I prefer the ability to spend unlimited money. It just feels better and easier to opt in to a plan, after all, it's a cheaper alternative for large amounts invested in ads. Less in the starting rate, which is capped at $1000 per month.

Final Score

In this round, Adyouneed has no cap on ad spending in two of three plans. If Scalify can lift the cap on ad spend, it is the best option for any type of business. For this reason, I have decided that there is no other option but to choose Adyouneed over Scalify.

Pricing score

Scalify — 8/10

AdYouNeed — 9/10. Winner.


Battle Decision


Final Thoughts

As the battle has come to an end, we now have the victor: Scalify. What is the reason for this? Let's try to find out.

User Interface

A lot of work goes into an effective advertising campaign; you cannot expect to spend your time understanding the workflow and how the tools work. Thanks to Scalify's simple user interface and intuitive navigation, you can set up an ad campaign in just a few clicks.

The workflow is standard for almost any type of ad campaign.

Simple and powerful, Scalify stands out from the competition.


Scalify and AdYouNeed both offer similar features, but Scalify has a few advantages, such as pre-built dashboards, profit calculation and automation, audience builder, scaling, and Automated A/B testing. It really helps you launch and monitor your campaign quickly.


Scalify qualifies for the battle of the entry-level offers, despite my disappointment with its pricing. AdYouNeed, on the other hand, has the best pricing plan among the more well-known providers.

Ending notes: For digital ads, I prefer Scalify. Scalify is beginner-friendly, saves you time, offers wide integration with ecommerce platforms, and is a great option for product-based campaigns.