Reditus vs First Promoter. Affiliate Management Alternatives.
Are you looking for First Promoter alternatives? Choose the right affiliate management tool for SaaS founders. Read our review and feature comparison review of Reditus vs First Promoter.

Written by Mariela Casanova

Reditus vs First Promoter

Reditus vs First Promoter. Affiliate Management Alternatives Comparison Review, 2021

Selecting the most appropriate loyalty marketing program for your SaaS company will save you a lot of money.

Compare multiple tools and choose the best loyalty platform for your business.

The comparison battle will help you pick the right product.

Which referral-based marketing programs are accessible? Which one is better?

What is the main differences in these two referral programs? — Compare Reditus vs First Promoter.

In this battle, the focus will be on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is about earning commissions when a promoter recommends a company’s product or service.

In our context, you are the service provider, and you will pay the referrer a commission for their efforts. This way, you gain customers and at the same time ambassadors who will promote your business.

To accomplish this, you need a referral management system. There are two companies in this field today, Reditus and First Promoter, that will help you decide which referral tool you should use.

Reditus vs First Promoter: Affiliate Management Alternatives Review

First we will compare the two products in terms of ease of use, user experience (UX), then once again, side by side, their features. And finally, their prices. Let us find out which one is right for you.

Let us find out which one is right for you.

What is a referral or affiliate program tool?

If you refer someone to a “website” and they make a purchase or sign up, you get rewarded. It’s that simple!

Who can use these affiliate management tools?

These software products are for founders who are starting or growing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business.

What is the best referral program software?

Referral programs are very effective when they are accessible, affordable, scalable for your business, and easy to use.

About Reditus

Reditus was launched sometime in 2020 out of sheer frustration by its founder and CEO, Joran Hofman. Quoting Reditus, “When he started looking into Affiliate Marketing within B2B SaaS”, he encountered many issues with the tools on the market to run referral campaigns.

So, we may have to thank Joran for his struggles in the past when Reditus allows businesses, meaning you and me (SaaS businesses), to accelerate our growth through an easy-to-use platform for partnerships designed for success! I will be sincerely grateful.

Reditus has been in development as a company for almost two years now, and I must say, they started off well. As they have stated, “Reditus is a partner management tool” for a SaaS company. The initial impression is that it is easy to use and manageable.

About First Promoter

The company has been around since 2016; founded by Cioaca Virgil.

we found him on Twitter @virgilci; as his bio says, “Founder at First Promoter. Helping SaaS to run effective affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing campaigns”.

Their current focus is on affiliate and referral tracking marketing for SaaS, and they claim “you can launch your affiliate and referral program in minutes”. This review lets us find out how they have grown over the last five years and how they have successfully stayed in the market.

First Promoter looks like a strong competitor and offers a plethora of features. Anyway, all of these tools have features that might be more relevant to your business needs than others. The level of simplicity and affordability can make a difference if you have limited resources when starting out.




User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

As always, it’s important to find software that’s easy to use, but in this case, we need to add that it’s also critical that it’s easy for our partners to use. Take a look at Reditus and First Promoter side by side to see which has the more intuitive platform. Here you can see how each dashboard/menu is structure.

Menu structure - Dashboard Reditus (left) and First Promoter (right). 2021

Reditus onboarding is divide into two phases. One is to follow the five steps to configure your account. Once that’s done, the regular dashboard appears. The instructions are clear and concise.

Launched dashboard after initial login. Reditus 2021

Dashboard after completing the five steps. Reditus 2021

When you get started with First Promoter, you can access everything from a single dashboard. Just click the “get started” button and follow the instructions when you are ready.

Dashboard First Promoter. 2021


  • Both are developing key features that focus on the needs of SaaS businesses.
  • They have a chat widget (live chat) for customer service within the application. Both are responsive.
  • I like First Promoter’s dashboard that shows all available options at once.
  • I enjoyed opening Reditus and found a clearer welcome and easy to follow onboarding instructions.
  • The onboarding process for Reditus is smooth and straightforward. I was able to set it up faster than First Promoter.


  • First Promoter does not allow you to add your email GMAIL.
  • I did not find the login option in Reditus on the first page.
  • There were too many options when setting up First Promoter, and it was a bit overwhelming. Setup can be done in minutes, but too many options make the process more complicated and confusing.

User Experience (UX) score:

Although First Promoter offers instructions on how to get started, I found Reditus to be easier to set up. So, the software that is the most accessible and easiest to use wins.

Reditus: 9/10 (Winner)

First Promoter: 7/10



Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below...)



First Promoter
Referral Tracker
Affiliate Management
Commission Management
Branded Dashboard

Customer Landing Page

GDPR  Compliance
VAT Invoicing
 Custom Links
Chat Widget
Emails Automate

On their Roadmap

API accesibility
Help Documentation

On their Roadmap

Fraud Detection

On their Roadmap

Bulk Partner Payments

On their Roadmap

Two Way Benefits

On their Roadmap

Import Leads / Referrals
Automatic Terms Generator

On their Roadmap

Lifetime Commission
Multiple Tier programs
Public  and Private Tiers
Public and Private Campaigns*

*Campaigns in First Promoter can be use as a complete new program with a different brand.

After the setup process, it's time to see how both platforms work when managing your referral program. We will start with the pros we find:


  • Reditus provides a marketplace where you can make your referral program visible to other like-minded businesses. By doing this, you open up another channel for lead generation.
  • Reditus offers the basics and many of their advanced functionalities are on their roadmap.
  • First Promoter can work for different campaigns (each campaign can be with a different brand or program).
  • First Promoter offers more integrations, automations and premium options with more features and options for affiliates.
  • Reditus just released the API, which shows that they are updating their roadmap as they said.
  • In Reditus, you can create as many tiers for your promoters as you want. In First Promoter, only up to three levels in each campaign.


  • With too many options in First Promoter, it can be challenging to decide which one to use.
  • First Promoter does not have a marketplace.
  • Many of Reditus' features are on the roadmap.
  • Reditus subscription can only work for one brand's program at the moment.

Feature Score:

Reditus: 6/10

First Promoter: 9 /10 (winner)





Reditus Pricing: Three option plans, Starter €39 / month, €89 / month, and an Enterprise plan. But they have an offer for a lifetime deal.

First Promoter has several plans, Starter $49/month, Business $99/month, and four Enterprise options ranging from $149/month to $749/month. If you pay annually, you can save two months.


  • Both have a free trial without giving any credit card information.
  • Reditus has an active offer for early adopters in AppSumo.


  • I usually see the prices in dollars; with Reditus they are in Euros, but they are based in Europe, so it's OK, I can deal with that.
  • Both prices are high enough, so it's better to catch this service early and grow with them.

Price Score: 

Since there is a lifetime deal in AppSumo, Reditus is the winner in this battle.

Reditus: 9/10 (Winner)

First Promoter: 5/10 


Battle Decision


Why Reditus is the winner:

Let's analyze it together! Getting noticed online is hard, I agree…! Add to that, getting someone to share your services is even harder. Do we agree on this? Yes…

The idea is to encourage people to recommend the “site” and get paid for WORK. Some people make a living just from affiliates.

Let us say you want to master the art of sharing a magic link and grow your business by starting an affiliate program. You have probably noticed that these usually cost a lot of money and are only available to big companies with deep pockets.

Small businesses start with modest budgets and takes time to grow, so, or you pay what is cost or deal with systems that charge no so high monthly rates but do not work properly.

First Promoter is a serious competitor. They have more time on the market and are therefore more mature and developed. But if you stick with the new one, Reditus, who intends to become a strong contender, you have the opportunity to grow and develop it in collaboration.

With Reditus, the marketplace allows you to tap outside your network, which provides a lot of scalability. If you compare it to other referral systems, the services usually rely entirely on the affiliate marketing model. Reditus offers you two ways to grow through affiliate links and B2B listings in their marketplace.

I Rarely see affiliate software with a Life Time Deal offer; if you have a small budget, this could be an option. Reditus offers to be an early adopter and scale with them; I find that very fascinating; look into their generous offer for yourself, do the math, and you'll understand.

In conclusion, Reditus Affiliate Program does what it says. For a fraction of the cost of competence, Reditus offers the ability to launch a referral program and marketplace. To me, that's fine. But as always, MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

Thank you for reading this review.

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