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Are you looking for content to post on your social media? Check out Predis! Find the best AI assistant for content creation to boost your brand.

Written by Mariela Casanova

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Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

What is the meaning of GPT-3?

GPT-3 is a neural network that can read natural language and create unique content.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

AI is software that mimics human intelligence, which includes content creation.

Why should you use an AI assistant?

As with a personal assistant, AI assistants will help you accomplish tasks faster.

Become a social media influencer.

Predis is made for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Brands
  • Instagram's influencers
  • Marketers
  • Virtual assistant
  • Content creators
  • Marketing agencies

Predis exists to:

  • Generate social media posts faster.
  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Increase your visibility.
  • Connect with your target audience.
  • Be your AI virtual assistant
  • Facilitate the competitor analysis.

Predis is an alternative to:

  • Flick. Tech

Predis uses cases:

  • AI assistant for content creation.
  • To pursue accurate results with AI.
  • Create content faster to post.
  • AI-generated personalized posts.
  • Optimize engagement for posts.
  • Choose relevant hashtags faster.
  • To stay ahead of your competition.




Step up your social media game with AI-generated content.

If you have a social media account that needs content created, but you do not want to go through the trouble of doing the work yourself.

Let me introduce you to your future AI best friend called “Predis” who can be your virtual AI assistant for content creation.

The Predis platform was developed in early 2021 by three enthusiastic technology experts from India as an innovative solution to create fresh and engaging content. They are:

Founders Predis AI, social media content creator

The founders of are Tanmay Ratnaparkhe, Aakash Kerawat and Akshay Karangale.

The unique selling proposition (USP) is obvious — an AI assistant that creates ready content for you to post on social media.

How could anyone not want to use their personal post creator/time saver! Count me in!

Here is the review:

Predis has a clear interface that is easy to use, and offers live customer support and help documentation to help you get the most out of the software.

With Predis, you can create a post tailored to your business to share on social media and organize a monthly calendar full of optimal posts to keep your audience interested!

To create fresh and quality content, it is painful. I have chosen four (4) examples to compare how you can create posts all the time:

1) First scene: Outsource content creation to your personal assistant. So, you have a virtual team to help you achieve your goals. But you have to pay them and manage them.

2) The second option, a virtual assistant (VA) and Predis AI: With an AI software like Predis, your VA gains more time to manage your business, leaving you and your VA more time for other tasks.

3) Third option: NO virtual assistant or NO Predis, get ready for painful and endless hours of creating and publishing countless posts, and get ready for disappointment if you get little engagement.

4) Four. You become a user! You get your personal AI wizard that can automate social media content creation with just few clicks. No contracts, sick days, or training required.

See some screenshots about

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

Calendar Content Creation Social Media

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social media Post Content Creator | Review

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review

Social Media Post Content Creator | Review



Nothing beats the table features

(Check the table below…)


Roadmap -
Instagram Connection

Twitter Support

Long-term Roadmap

LinkedIn Support

Long-term Roadmap

Facebook Support

Long-term Roadmap

TikTok Support

Long-term roadmap

YouTube Support

Long-term Roadmap

Themes Post: Promotional, Educational, etc.

Connect Multiple accounts*

Team Members*

Planned on the Roadmap

Workspaces/ Brand/Account*

AI Images Suggestion 

Image Edition

AI-Generated Caption

AI post by holidays and geography

In progress Roadmap

AI-Generated Hashtag

AI Competitor Analysis 

 Engagement Prediction

Explore Content 

In progress Roadmap

 Paid vs organic engagement.

Upcoming Roadmap

Multiple Languages Support

Long-term Roadmap

Content Calendar | Planner

Upcoming version 0.3 and 0.4

Scheduler to publish

Long-term Roadmap

Download your calendar content

Live Chat

*Some of this features are available on paid plans

Let us take a look at the features to see how Predis can help us conquer the influencer mode.

Workspaces and Team Members

Workspace/brands, each brand can have different social media accounts, but now, they are only working on Instagram, the rest is on the roadmap.

The possibility to add a team member is on the roadmap. If you want to add a team member, you can ask them to add it manually.

Workspace feature |

Workspaces with different Accounts

Content Calendar

Create you full-month calendar content of optimize post, and download it to a CSV file, to import it in your favorite platform to publish.

Calendar Content Creation Social Media

Social Media Post Content Creator |

Social Media Post Content Creator |

AI Image suggestion will suggest you an image from Unsplash, Pexels and Editor integration that you can edit until you are satisfied, and finally, you can always upload the images if you want.

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator |

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator |

Social Media Post Content Creator |

Social Media Post Content Creator |

AI Caption Creation

Enter information about your business and your target audience in the one-liner, Predis will automatically create a post by themes, that you can edit and tweak until you are satisfied.

You can type in any idea you want, and Predis will take it from there. How cool is that. (It's one of my favorite option) Predis can take it all!

one liner Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

On-liner information of your business |

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Creator |

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator |

Social Media Content Creation by Themes Predis Review

Social Media Post Content Creator |

Hashtag Recommendation

Predis recommends hashtags customized to your images, captions, niche, and performance based on your information.

You can manage your hashtags with #predisai #nailingyourhashtags #instagramminglikeaboss with #myaiassistant, I do not know what you think, but that's promising.

Hashtags Recommendation | Review

Hashtags Recommendation | Review

Suggestions and optimization feedback.

As soon as you compile your work, you can review the suggestions to have greater engagement on your Instagram account based on your performance. 

These components will be displayed by: Creativity, Posting Time, Caption Length, Day of Week to Post, and Number of Recommended Hashtags.

Suggestions-Optimization Post. Review

Suggestions-Optimization Post. Review

Analytics and Competitor Analysis.

It's great to see how your Instagram account stacks up against the competition, so you can significantly improve your Instagram strategy.

Thanks to competitor analysis, you can tailor your content strategy based on what your competitors are doing well and what they are doing poorly.

Predis' NLP algorithms understand the intent behind posts and intelligently group similar topics, so you can view your competitors' content and your content results sorted by topic.

Analytics and competitor analysis |

Analytics and competitor analysis |




Pricing Pricing Overview

Let's do the numbers, and see the prices per workspace:

Predis's prices bill in monthly payments.

Starter $29/month (Two (2) workspaces, $14.50 per workspace a month).

Growth $39/month (Three (3) workspaces, $13.00 per workspace a month).

Agency $69/month (Five (5) workspaces, $13.85 per workspace a month)

Predis's if you pay annually, you can save two months.

Starter: $288 Billed Yearly $24/month (Two (2) workspaces, $12.00 per workspace a month)

Growth: $396 Billed Yearly $33/month (Three (3) workspaces, $11.00 per workspace a month).

Agency: $684 Billed Yearly $57/month (Five (5) workspaces, $11.40 per workspace a month)

Monthly and Yearly Prices | Review Lifetime Deal

Good news! At the time of writing this review. offers a lifetime deal on AppSumo and on its website, of course, I have a calculator in my hand.

You can buy up to 3 codes from AppSumo or on their website. If you choose to buy directly from the website, we have a code for 10% off. (Check it at the end of the article)

Let's do the math again;

The LTD price is $59 per code -$29 per workspace to use forever.

Each code has two workspaces/brands.

You can stack up to tree (3) codes maximum, so you can have up to 6 workspaces/brands.

The LTD Plan will have some limits monthly:

Approx 126,000 characters or 45 posts per month per code.

Twenty (20) competitor runs per month per code.

Some considerations for the Lifetime Deal:

— That's about $29 per workspace, give or take a post per day = x 22.5 posts per month.

— That's about one post Monday through Friday per brand or workspace. That's not too bad at all.

Lifetime Deal | Review


FINAL THOUGHTS Unique Selling Point Final thoughts

Predis is not just a content creation tool, it's literally your Personal Assistant Virtual AI Assistant, creating high-quality content to post for your Social media accounts and helping you post consistently across all social media.

Predis is easy to use, everything runs almost automatically. With a one-liner about your business and a few clicks, you have a perfect, if not, a complete calendar. You can make changes until you are happy with it, but the results are good enough to do fairly quickly. is not only for businesses, but also for individuals to develop their personal brand. Predis's features helps to increase your visibility, interaction and grow your audience on social media. Features Final thoughts

The features are simple and focus on solving one problem: creating ready posts for social media personalize to your business, with decent features to make the most of your images, captions, hashtags and some nice analytics.

You will be able to organize effortless a monthly calendar content to post and export in a CSV file to your favorite tool to publish. At the same time, you can analyze your competitors' results and compare them with yours to optimize your strategy.

Predis generate posts personalize for your brand ready to share. Offer you automatically the creative (Images) the caption, the hashtags and also offer Suggestions to optimize the engagement. Pricing Final thoughts

The lifetime prices. It's a No-brainer! If you are managing social media accounts, Go and buy it! If you found this post late, and you need to pay monthly. It is still possible to benefit of the Predis services.

The monthly price is neither too high nor too low, nor a bargain. But the thing is, Predis solves a big problem because to be consistent on social media is not easy.

What will make it worthwhile for you to invest in, is how essential it is for you to maintain your brand's presence on social media. Personally, I think it's worth it! Since solve, a big pain.

What I like about, and what I think they do very well.

  • Create content tailored to your audience.
  • Suggest and edit images from Unsplash and Pexels.
  • Create captions automatically or based on your idea.
  • Suggest hashtags based on relevance and reach.
  • Suggestion about how to optimize your posts.
  • Offer competitor analysis to stay ahead.

What I don't like about and which I wish they get better.

  • The User Interface UI could use a few improvements here and there.
  • Numerous features are on the roadmap, but it's a very young company, so I get it.
  • I also prefer a UI with more modern look, minimalist style and with a smoother workflow.
  • Moreover, it should be noted that this software at the moment does not publish the posts, so you basically just use it to create the content and download it in a CSV file. Conclusion might be the best option for you if you want to increase productivity by improving your workflow to create content and supercharge your online presence through posting content on social media.

It's a well executed solution for a young company looking to solve a big content creation problem! I also look at their customer service and find them to be very responsive and behind the scenes, found dedicated founders who listen to the needs of their users.

It's a challenge to continually publish engaging, high-quality content across all social media channels. As a content creator, I know this firsthand, and you probably do too if you are reading this review.

If you are interested in optimizing the creation of your posts, I recommend you take a test and find out what Predis can do. It would be even better if I knew what they can do in the future, since they are just getting started.

We have obtained a special code AS10” that includes 10% off on their website and "BCFM20" for 20% off if you buy before 30th Nov.

With Predis, it's possible to grow your brand and scale your social media strategy without stress.


Thank you for reading this review.

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