Outranking vs Jarvis. Best A.I. Writer for creating long form SEO optimized content.
Want to write SEO optimized long content articles and blog posts? Find the best alternatives to long content writing, A.I. and SEO tool. Please read our detailed comparison of Outranking and Jarvis.

Written by Shikhar Singh

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization'. It's the process in which search engines rank websites on the Internet.

What is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is a way to help your website rank higher than your competitors for certain search terms and keywords.

What is long form content?

Long form content is a piece of content that goes from 1,500 words as long as 5,000 words and helps to rank well in SEO.

What is Jarvis and Outranking?

Jarvis and Outranking are software products based on (AI) artificial intelligence-driven. They are in the niche of writing tools that allow writing long content with specific keywords on the Internet.

For whom:

  • Content writers
  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing agencies
  • Founders
  • SEO experts

They exist to:

  • Write long form content.
  • Write SEO optimized content.
  • Create content marketing.
  • Create web content.
  • Optimize written content.
  • Saves time to writers.

Alternatives to:

  • Frase
  • Writerzen
  • Rytr
  • Peppertype.ai
  • UseTopic
  • Surfer SEO + Jarvis

Use cases:

  • Create web content.
  • Create blog articles.
  • Write books or academic documents.
  • Create long-form content.
  • Write SEO-oriented documents.



Best AI Writing Tool For SEO optimized Long Form Content.

  • Outranking was Co-founded by Pankil Shah, Serkan Yumusak and Natalie Luneva in November 2020 with the idea to create “the most advanced platform for marketers to create web content.” Helps writers research, write, and optimize content to increase organic traffic efficiently.

  • Their AI Wizard platform can conduct keyword research to draft documents on specific topics and Methods TM to format the long-form content with workflow and automation to publish and rank.

  • Outranking offers inbuilt SEO tools like search keywords, SERP Analysis, and Instructions for step by step SEO Optimized content, as competitor analysis and questions asked.

  • Outranking have a unique factual assistant called Concept TM that collect and write facts directly from the ranking page, Integrated with Google Docs and WordPress Plugins.
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Outranking overview

Check out Outranking's Screenshots

Menu Outranking to Create Document

Outranking SERP History

Outranking Question history

Outranking Competitor Analysis

About Jarvis

  • Jarvis AI (formerly Conversion AI LLC) is an artificial intelligence-based text writing tool. The Y Combinator-backed company, and was launched in the early 2021 by Dave Rogenmoser, John Philip Morgan, Chris Hull, and what they called a group of friends in Austin, Texas.

  • In their short time in the market, Jarvis already acquired two other companies, first Headlime and later Shortlyai and rebranded from Conversion AI to Jarvis AI. So many things are going on in their headquarters.

  • They describe themselves as “Artificial Intelligence trained to generate original, creative content.” With a mission to “help you overcome writer's block thanks to artificial intelligence.”

  • Jarvis makes it easy to create blog posts and short content for content marketing. For this review, we will focus on long content with SEO optimized keywords.

  • For long content, Jarvis allows you to add up to three (3) keywords within their Jarvis Long Form model and brief introduction to write long form articles. To have it complete SEO optimized documents, Jarvis at the moment Integrated with Surfer SEO.

  • Jarvis also integrated with the free and paid version of Grammarly, and it allows integration with Copyscape, buying additional credits inside Jarvis to check plagiarism before publish a content.
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Jarvis website | Comparison Review | Best Content Writing A.I. Tool

Outranking vs Jarvis Review

Check out Jarvis's Screenshots

Templates Jarvis

Templates for Long form Content

Prompts to fill to write long form content

Recipes to write long form content

The best AI assistant for SEO Optimized long form content.

Jarvis is an advanced content creation tool for various marketing purposes, and bloggers and anyone involved in web content are aware that is essential to create SEO-optimized content. So to achieve that you will need to also integrate Jarvis with Surfer SEO which allow an inbuilt integration. Keep in mind that you will need to pay both service apart.

Outranking lets you create SEO-optimized long-form content based on research, optimization, and writing. Outranking software has a step-by-step method and built-in SEO features, so you can create SEO-optimized content easily with just one software.

In this section, we will evaluate both tools based on their suitability for optimizing long form SEO content and discuss the differences.

Thoughts about Outranking for Long Form SEO Optimized Content:

  • Unlike the standard GPT3 technology used by most AI content tools, outranking's SERP-driven AI uses an additional layer of data from the SERPs to guide the GPT3 writer. Assuring that the AI writer stays on the topic, which is a constant challenge for most of the AI writing tools.

  • Outranking has an AI wizard that help users create titles, meta tags, and outlines that consider searcher intent, keywords, and SEO characteristics.

  • A great feature that I really like is “concepts”. It helps me write factual content that is extracted from search engine results. I use it a lot because it saves me a lot of time doing elaborate research.

  • Outranking has a feature called Methods that helps you shape the workflow, a set of instructions for creating content. The good thing is that you can access and use other people's public methods to save time.

  • You can optimize your existing content with outranking and get real-time feedback on related topics, keywords, and questions. Achieve high organic traffic potential by optimizing your content for all the important on-page SEO elements.

  • With Outranking, you can research related keywords and map them to different SEO elements. You do not need to buy another tool to gather ideas for which keywords you should create content for. That it is spectacular!

  • Outranking helps you to target questions people ask about your topic on Google. You can rank for questions people ask as well. Use SERP positions that few are competing for to respond to user intent and score.

  • Outranking helps you analyze the most significant keyword gaps in organic traffic between your domain and its competitors.

  • Content briefs are generated using search engine ranking pages, related keywords, NLP topics and questions in one click.

Thoughts about Jarvis for Long Form SEO Optimized Content:

  • Apart from long-form content, Jarvis can be used to create different types of copy in short forms, such as Facebook ads, Quora replies, social media posts, etc. Which is not the focus if this review but is a plus you will have with Jarvis.

  • To have access to create long form content on Jarvis, you need to pay their higher plan (Boss mode) because their basic plan just include the short form content marketing templates.

  • Jarvis offers to add 3 keywords and a brief introduction to create long form content in the topic you want.

  • But to write SEO optimized documents you need to pay another tool, Surfer SEO, which allow using the tools together in the dashboard of Jarvis, and then you can SEO optimized the long articles.

  • Jarvis provides a system known as a recipe, and a set of commands to create content. With the Jarvis Recipe feature, a collection of prompts or commands, you can create a decent long form content SEO Optimized.

Final thoughts

  • The reality is that you can create long-form content in both AI writer tools. But we consider outranking the most focus tool out of these two to research and write SEO optimized long-form content to rank.

  • In our testing, we notice Jarvis looks more modern and is well aesthetic, which is well appreciated. But overall, with Jarvis, even if you pay the integration, you need to include the keywords manually.

  • The Surfer SEO offers you the metric in the integration to evaluate the result. But outranking literally gave you the paragraph including the SEO keywords based on SERP researched. So +1 to Outranking.

  • Because Outranking has inbuilt the tool to scrap SERP Data without any extra payment or integration, something that calls my attention is the only one that offers factual accuracy of all AI writers I tried. So, well done to Outranking.

Final Rating:

Here are the ratings:

9/10 to Outranking

8/10 to Jarvis



Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below...)



Title and outline generate
Collects and write facts from ranking pages
SERP analysis

Yes (via Paid Surfer SEO*)

Steps-by-step SEO optimization
Content editor
Integration Google Docs
Integration WordPress Plugins
Client collaboration
Grammar check via Free Version with Grammarly.

Yes (Integrates with free and paid Grammarly*)

Plagiarism check

Yes (via Copyscape Credits*)

SEO content editor
Short form templates
Writing workflows and automation
Multiple language

+13 Languages

+24 Languages



Keyword research

Yes (via Paid Surfer SEO*)

Live Support

*These services require an additional fee.

Conclusion Features

  • Both can produce long form content SEO Optimized.
  • Jarvis creates content that can be used for many purposes in addition to long form content, and you will need to pay Surfer SEO to SEO optimize the documents, also integrates with Grammarly and Copyscape.
  • Outranking specialized in offers SEO optimized web content with inbuilt SEO capabilities without any extra fee or integration.
  • Outranking also integrates with no extra cost with WordPress and Google Docs. Outranking also allows collaboration which your clients at not extra cost, where they can edit or view the document. That is a good resource.

I will briefly highlight the different features of these two tools and identify as pro and cons to create long form SEO optimize.

Advantages of Outranking features:

  • Concept feature helps to writing factual article.
  • SEO assistance to create step by step a long form article SEO Optimized.
  • Helps to do keyword research with inbuilt features.
  • AI wizard helps you to write title, metadata, and outline for the article.
  • It can be easily integrated with WordPress, Google Docs and Free Grammarly.

Disadvantages of Outranking features:

  • Outlines can only contain H2 tags. H3 tags from competitors will appear as H2 tags in your outline.
  • Moreover, you can't indent them to make H3 tags.
  • No support for short form content.

Advantages of Jarvis features:

  • Have short form templates for Video Script, AIDA, PAS, Content Improvers and more.
  • Boss mode comes with unlimited use.
  • Using Jarvis is similar to Siri or Google Assistant. By Voice command, Wow!
  • Grammarly Free and paid plans works inside their editor.
  • You can buy Copyscape credits to also check if the document it is plagiarism free.

Disadvantages of Jarvis features:

  • A long-form content feature, to write blogs, is just available in Boss Mode (Their higher plan)
  • Jarvis doesn't always provide facts correctly. You'll need to cross-verify the facts.
  • The SEO depends on Surfer SEO. Therefore, you will need to pay an additional fee.
  • No roll over the credits in Starter Plan. Which 20,000 words include.
  • Plagiarism check needs to be pay additionally.

Final Score Features:

  • Jarvis has the advantage in terms of features and has a lot to offer in terms of content. However, it lacks some features that Outranking provides, specifically to create long-form SEO optimized content.

  • I cannot pick a winner because it all depends on your needs and how much your budget can afford, when it comes to features. If you are solely a blogger, Outranking's features are best suited for creating research-based SEO-optimized articles.

  • Jarvis is your best friend if you are a marketer dealing also with short form content, like Facebook ads, Instagram captions, YouTube titles, and if you want to focus on long-form content SEO optimized. Keep in mind you will need to add Surfer SEO and pay the Boss Mode plan.

So, it's a tie.

Here are the scores:

Outranking— 8/10

Jarvis — 8/10





Outranking Pricing Overview:
  • Outranking offers three plans, Starter, Growth and Professional, which will cost you $39/month, $79/month and $159/month, respectively.

  • The number of web documents you can work on is limited rather than the number of characters.
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Outranking's Pricing | Outranking vs Jarvis | Comparison Review | Best SEO optimized AI writing tool

Starter $39 / Month

Up to 10 Documents 

+ 10 SERP Analysis

1 Seat/User

Growth $79 / Month

Up to 30 Documents 

+ 30 SERP Analysis

1 Seat/user

Professional $159 / Month

Up to 100 Documents 

+100 SERP Analysis

3 Seat/Users

Jarvis Pricing Overview:
  • Jarvis offers starter and boss mode plans for $29/month and $119/month, respectively. If you pay annually, you can save two months each, leaving the payment to 24 and 99, respectively, with one user login. For every extra login/seat, you can pay $50/ per month.

Jarvis Starter Plan

  • Limit of 20,000 words per month.
  • Short form content — 50+ Templates
  • Up to 400/600 characters/output
  • 5 Project Folders
  • 25+ Languages

Jarvis Boss Mode

  • No words Limit (Fair use policy)
  • Short form content — 50+ Templates
  • Long Form Content or blog articles
  • Commands and Recipes
  • Up to 3,000 Characters to lookout.
  • 25+ Languages.
  • Three Keywords to add in the long form document.
  • Surfer SEO, Copyscape and Grammarly Integration (Need to pay their additional fees)
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Pro and Cons of Outranking's Pricing


  • Simple and basic pricing plan.
  • No character limits.
  • All plans include all features.
  • Can share the documents to edit and view with clients.


  • The number of web document limits.
  • Limited team members.
  • Limited SERP analysis.

Pro and Cons of Jarvis's Pricing


  • Two months save if pay annually.
  • No words limit on higher tier plan.
  • Best suited for Agencies and Medium organizations.


  • Starter plan doesn't have long form content.
  • The unlimited characters are only available for high tier plan
  • To create long form content SEO Optimized, you need to pay Surfer SEO.
  • The integration with Paid Grammarly and Copyscape need to be paid apart.
  • Limited team members.

Pricing Score:

  • Outranking's plan was attractive, but I wouldn't say I prefer the monthly document limit. But again, it depends on your needs.

  • Outranking does not charge you extra for the word limit, SEO tool, etc.

Let us do the math for someone who needs an average of ten articles per month.

  • The cost of each piece of content produced would be a maximum of $4.

  • In Jarvis' case, on the other hand, you need to purchase a higher tier for writing long content, which would cost you $11.9 per month for ten articles, plus the cost of Surfer SEO.

  • However, if you are an agency and need 100 articles per month, outranking would cost you $1.59 and Jarvis $1.19 plus fees for Surfer SEO.

  • I am assuming, if you are reading this review, you probably are into writing SEO-optimized long-form content. This is where Outranking has a generous plan and is the winner in the pricing round.

Here are the scores:

9/10 to Outranking

8/10 to Jarvis

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Battle Decision

This SaaS battle is now over, but one thing is certain:

Why outranking is the best AI writer to create long form SEO Optimize?

  • You can create well-optimized content for your readers.
  • You can understand and outrank your competitors by finding the keyword gap.
  • It is economically affordable to have outranking in your arsenal.
  • It's easier to use with their step to step, and methods to follow.
  • Not only that, but it is suitable for both agencies and solopreneurs.
  • It saves you time in content creation.

As shown, Jarvis offers more features than Outranking, putting it ahead of Outranking for long content. Outranking proves its worth when it comes to SEO, with its built-in SEO features, but also with the accuracy of its results.

As a blogger or content writer, you'll find that features like Concept, Method, and AI Wizard work seamlessly with SEO features to win the battle. If you are looking to generated SEO articles, this software will help you complete the creation of long content SEO optimized with ease.

If you want to create long and short form content marketing and have the budget to pay for multiple content creation tools, Jarvis + Surfer SEO is a suitable solution.

You can use it for both personal and business purposes by writing articles, documenting specific topics, but if you are optimizing SEO long form content, I recommend you try Outranking to accelerate your workflow to create SEO long form content.

As always, now it's time to MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

Here is the link to each of them:


Jarvis AI

Surfer SEO