Nozzle vs Ranktracker [Best Keyword Rank Monitoring Tool] Review
Are you looking for a keyword rank monitoring tool? Choose the best keyword rank monitoring software in 2021. Read our detailed comparison review about Nozzle vs Ranktracker.

Written by Shikhar Singh

Contributor at SaaS Battles

Nozzle vs Ranktracker [Best Keyword Rank Monitoring Tool] Review

What are Nozzle and Ranktracker?

These two tools are Keyword Monitoring programs that allow you to monitor the performance of your keywords in the SERP. They will help you optimize your content, so you can rank higher.

For who are keyword monitoring tools?

Companies, businesses, bloggers, marketers and advertising agencies, to drive more traffic to their website by getting a higher position in the search engine for certain keywords.

What is keyword monitoring software?

A keyword monitoring software helps users track the ranking of their web pages for a particular keyword in the SERP.

If Dixie(our head tester) creates a search engine optimization report, he finds the best keyword monitoring tool.

What is the best keyword monitoring tool?

The keyword monitoring tool that gives you access to a wealth of relevant and real-time data for your keywords, so you can optimize your content across the web, analyze your competitors' strategies, and rank better in the SERP. With a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans.

Other similar tools: SERPWATCH, STAT, BrightEdge, seoClarity, SEMrush, Accuranker, and SERPSTAT

Why these online tools to do keyword monitoring exist?

It's not easy to spy on your competitors' SEO strategy and outrank them to rank higher in the SERP.

It can be challenging to track and manage your website ranking for specific keywords.

SEO people can optimize their content on the web with lots of relevant real-time data that these tools provide for their keywords.

You can monitor the performance of your various websites and their web properties on a single platform.

Keyword monitoring can help you monitor your web presence for different keywords to reach your target audience organically.

Today, SaaS Battle Team focuses on finding the best keyword rank monitoring tool for you and your team to optimize your content across web pages to outrank your competition.

We will test it for you, but as always! The decision is entirely up to you. 

Let us start this comparison review between Nozzle and Ranktracker and find out which tool will be the winner.

About Nozzle

Nozzle is a comprehensive SERP monitoring tool, founded in April 2014 by three guys who love SEO. The founders say, "They needed something that could keep up with clients from Dell down to Bob's Pickles, but nothing lived up to their wildest SEO dreams. So they created Nozzle, the rank tracker we couldn't live without."

Nozzle website 2021 | Nozzle vs Ranktracker Comparison Review | Best Keyword Monitoring Tool

About Ranktracker

Ranktracker is an all-in-one platform for effective SEO keyword research, competitive analysis and tracking your search engine rankings. In 2014, it was founded by Felix Rose-Collins, who found himself struggling to find a quality tool that he could use to manage his business's SEO.

Ranktracker website 2021 | Nozzle vs Ranktracker Comparison Review | Best Keyword Monitoring Tool



User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

Let us start with the UI Design and User Experience. The user interface of the keyword monitoring tool must be intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use for new SEO folks.

The font size and color theme must be well-chosen, as you will spend a lot of time in the tool dealing with plenty of data provided.

Nozzle Menu | Comparison Review 2021

Ranktracker Menu | Comparison Review 2021

Conclusion User Experience UX

Both platforms have thoroughly different user interfaces that serve a similar purpose, namely tracking ranks.

Let us first compare the interfaces of the two tools.

The first difference is that Nozzle can turn Dark Mode on and off as needed, while Ranktracker does not. For me, night mode is essential because working with data requires a lot of time and concentration, so the night mode can be helpful.

I like Nozzle's onboarding process, while Ranktracker does not seem to need an onboarding process.

Nozzle's design is not that modern, while Ranktracker has a neat and clean dashboard, good font size and color theme.

Both platforms have a knowledge base to help you understand how to use the tool effectively and offer online chat support.

Take a look at the screenshots and see for yourself if you like it.

Here are different Interfaces of the Nozzle's Dashboard:

Main Dashboard

Users Dashboard
Project Overview Dashboard
Dark Mode Theme
Manage Keyword Dashboard

Here are different Interfaces of Ranktracker's Dashboard:

Main Dashboard

Domains Dashboard

Keyword Finder Dashboard

SERP Dashboard

Website Audit Dashboard

Reports Dashboard

Final Rating:

Nozzle's interface is very sophisticated and has a learning curve, but it does offer a dark mode feature that is very helpful.

On the other hand, Ranktracker UI is very intuitive, with a good font size and color theme. What they lack in my opinion is only the dark mode feature.

So, here is the rating:

7/10 to Nozzle

8/10 to Ranktracker Winner



Nothing beats a side-by-side features comparison

(Check the table below...)



Brand Mentions Monitoring
Competitive Analysis



Share of voice
Flexible Scheduling

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Custom

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

User access



Segment Project/Clients
Data Integration

Tableau, Google Data Studio, Domo, Datarama, Report Garden

Data Export

API, Big Query, CSV

Excel, CSV, Pdf, Email

Monitor Social Media Rankings
Search Volume
Cost Per Click
PPC Competition
Custom Reports & Schedule
Search Engine


Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex

Site Audit / Crawler
Discover Keywords
SEO Checklist
Pixels from top of page
Dark Mode
Monitor Website Domain
SERP visibility
Raw Html Snap shot of search page
About Nozzle's features

The Advantages:

With Nozzle, I can track and monitor all brand properties, not just a single domain. Track Social media, external blogs, PR releases, guest posts on external domains, Quora results, and other properties or URLs.

If you do not know your competitors, you can find them with the life-saving Share of Voice feature. The best part is that Nozzle rewrites all historical data to include your competitor. Now you can track what your competitor has done and why they rank better.

The HTML SERP comparison helps you understand what has changed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), visually. And you can act to compensate for the traffic loss caused by the Google algorithm update.

Flexible real-time keyword scheduling gives you the ability to deal with real-time and accurate data from Google.

A comprehensive list of all PAA (People also ask) questions helps me find my next fresh and in-demand blog idea. Also, feature snippet analysis helps me understand how I should plan my content.

I think this tool is a gem for data nerds. You get a wealth of SERP data for your keywords, such as ad-adjusted rank, Pixel Height, and Above the fold percentage, search volume, estimated traffic, social shares, and the list goes on.

I am a big fan of Google Data Studio and guess what, Nozzle quickly integrates with all business & marketing intelligence tools like Tableau, Domo and Datarama via Big Query and Google Data Studio. Now I can create reports or analyze data in Data Studio.

The Disadvantages:

They have no Keyword Finder tool, no website audit tool, and no SEO checklist for your website. But they claim to be a SERP monitoring tool and not an all-in-one SEO tool, so that's not a big drawback for me.

I do wish there was a custom reporting and email feature, but there is not.

About Ranktracker Features

The Advantages:

Ranktracker has a holistic approach to its features. Not only rank tracking, but also keyword finder and website audit are essential features they offer.

I can do keyword research without having to switch to another SEO tool, and that is a time-saving feature that is very helpful.

I love working with SERP Checker. It helps me to scrape the SERP for a keyword and thanks to various metrics and top results, I can find the keyword gap which is helpful to plan the next content which is also easy to rank.

As a SEO beginner, you are always looking for guidance. Ranktracker's website audit feature is like your companion on your SEO journey. It helps you analyze the SEO condition of your website and tells you how to address the problems.

Ranktracker offers you an SEO checklist. Thanks to the SEO checklist, you can keep a document of the essential SEO tasks, whether you have completed them or not.

Ranktracker allows me to create custom reports and send them automatically via email. The reports can be exported as PDF, CSV or in Excel.

The Disadvantage:

You can only add a limited number of competitors and only a single brand property as domains. Provides very limited SERP data in comparison to Nozzle. Also, does not offer flexible and real-time scheduling of Keyword Data pulls.

Final score features

I like the feature to track and monitor the various brand properties in Nozzle, which does not exist in Ranktracker.

Ranktracker has some additional features that make it a desirable SEO tool. However, Ranktracker lacks important features like data retention for years, the wide variety of important SERP data that Nozzle offers, and integration with business intelligence tools.

For me, it's all about ranking for my keywords. With Nozzle, I can create a content strategy with insightful data that can easily rank in the SERPs. I can monitor my target keyword and optimize my content over time, which is helpful in maintaining my ranking for that keyword.

Here are the scores:

Nozzle— 9/10 Winner

Rank Tracker — 8/10





Nozzle Pricing Overview

Nozzle has a simple pricing structure that depends on the number of pulls per month (a pull here can be defined as the number of keywords you track and how often you update the data, the number of devices and locations you want to monitor).

There are two plans, one for SMB and one for Enterprise:

SMB Pricing Plan

Prices range from $59 to $599 monthly, with some discount if you pay annually.

Enterprise Pricing Plan

Prices range from $1199 to $5999 monthly, with some discount if you pay annually. You can also ask them for a custom plan.

Ranktracker Pricing Overview

Ranktracker offers three different plans which depends on no of keywords. For 50 keywords, prices range from $8 to $58 monthly, with a 25% discount if you pay annually.

Conclusion Pricing

Nozzle pricing is based on the number of pulls per month, while you can use other features seamlessly and without restrictions. For businesses and enterprises, Nozzle's pricing strategy is good.

Ranktracker also charges based on keywords, but has limitations on using other features like keyword finder, SERP checker, and competitor analysis.

In my opinion, Ranktracker offers significantly fewer features for a given price compared to Nozzle.

Final Score

In this round, Ranktracker is cheaper than Nozzle, but due to its restriction on the use of various features, I have decided that there is no other option but to choose Nozzle over Ranktracker.

Rank Tracker— 7/10

Nozzle— 9/10. Winner.


Battle Decision


Final Thoughts

As the battle has come to an end, we have Nozzle as the winner.

Let us try to find out why?

User Interface

Working with data in search engine optimization requires a lot of time and dedication, so the tool we use needs to be easy to understand and use. Nozzle's user interface is not that modern compared to the neat and clean User Interface of Ranktracker.

But Nozzle has a dark mode feature that is very useful when you need to spend a lot of time working on SERP data, and it balances out the incompetency of UI significantly.

Ranktracker does not offer a dark mode feature.


Nozzle and Ranktracker both offer features to monitor the ranking of the right keyword in the SERP. However, Nozzle had some advantages over Ranktracker because it offers the ability to add an unlimited number of brand properties and an unlimited number of competitors. In addition, Nozzle offers more comprehensive and detailed SERP data.

For in-depth analysis of keyword performance in the SERP, there is no other option than Nozzle. Nozzle is well suited for businesses, enterprises, and agencies.

Ranktracker, on the other hand, gives you the advantage of an SEO tool with additional features and is well suited for someone who has less knowledge about SEO and wants to grow their web presence.


Ranktracker's pricing model covers a variety of audiences with a combination of features. In contrast, Nozzle offers a simple pricing model for businesses and agencies with unlimited features that Ranktracker does not.

Final Notes:

Nozzle provides enterprise level data, which I do not think is helpful for everyone, but it is helpful for someone who wants to excel in their Search Engine Optimization game.

This tool has many more features than any other in the market. It can help you create your content strategy and help you monitor your keywords to optimize the content to own the most of the search engine's real estate.

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