vs Best Ecommerce Chat with Omnichannel Support
Are you looking for the best live chat solution with multichannel support for your business? Consider which of these two solutions is better for growing your business: Myalice or Desku.

Written by Mariela Casanova

myalice vs desku

Best Live chat support for your online store

What is live chat support?

Live chat support is a software system that allows customers and companies to communicate with each other in real time via chat messages, in this context of ecommerce companies.

How is chat related to eCommerce?

Quickly responding to customer inquiries, providing product information, etc. helps close sales faster, improve brand reputation, and convert visitors into buyers.

Why do eCommerce sites use live chat?

Open online communication where you can chat with your eCommerce customers can reduce the number of customers leaving the website and increase eCommerce sales.

Best Ecommerce Chat Comparison Review (2)

Improve your customer experience with the best live chat to increase your sales

Best suited for eCommerce stores, online stores, agencies offering chat services, brands, and projects that want to have more channels and live chat to communicate with their customers!

Alternative to Gorgias, Zendesk, HelpScout, JivoChat, Reamaze,, Zoho.

Use cases: Customer service helpdesk, multi-channel automation & chatbot, ticketing system, live chat for e-commerce.



Best eCommerce chat with multichannel support

Myalice at a glance

Developed by Shuvo Rahman, Myalice is a chatbot software that helps eCommerce businesses automate their customer support to increase sales and customer retention.

Alice Labs, the creator of Myalice, is a Singapore-based startup that has raised $500,000 so far. This was a seed round funded on May 11, 2021, including trusted investors at such an early stage of development.

Shuvo Rahman has further experience, as a director on large projects such as Misfit Technologies, where some of their software has been shortlisted and showcased around the world.

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Myalice vs Desku | Live chat software comparison

View the screenshots of Myalice

Myalice screenshot

Myalice's dashboard. Live chat for eCommerce stores

Myalice chatbots

Myalice's dashboard. Best Live Chat Software Review

Myalice metrics screenshots

Chat metrics dashboard. Live chat software review

My Alice chat love in one place

Customer data and eCommerce site in one dashboard.

Desku at a glance

Desku is a Delaware, USA-based startup that aims to help small businesses manage their customer support via live chat, knowledge base and help desk.

Desku was founded in mid-2021 by Gaurav Nagani and his team to enable business owners to perform customer support in a cost effective manner with streamlined features.

In addition, the creator also co-founded and runs thirstyDevs InfoTech. A firm with extensive expertise in creating tech-enabled goods and excellent working experience with some of the world's top VC firms.

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Desku. Best live chat software comparison review

Check out Desku's Screenshots

Main Desku Dashboard

Desku's main dashboard. Live chat apps

Desku Screenshot

Desku's customization customer support software

Desku Screenshot

Desku's white-label dashboard. Live chat apps

Desku's agents dashboard. Live chat software

Final thoughts on the best live chat app

Desku is a simpler tool than Myalice, but it's a good choice if you need the basic features required for an eCommerce store. However, if you want to add more channels to your live chat for your website, Myalice is the correct choice.

Neither tool is old enough, so both still have plenty of room to grow. Desku has been on the market for a shorter time (as of 2021) than its competitor, and Myalice has been around longer (2019). However, Myalice is more developed and has more investment behind it.

In this round, Myalice won. Both are good chat tools, but Myalice had a more mature user interface and is better adapted to different types of channels to improve customer experience and ultimately grow faster.

Here are the ratings:

9/10 to Myalice

8/10 to Desku



Nothing beats a side-by-side live chat features comparison

(Check the table below...)



Ticket Management
Team Access and Collaboration

Coming soon

Multichannel Support
Shared Inbox
NPL Integration
Canned answers

Coming soon

Reports and Analysis

Coming soon

Embeddable Widget
Customization Widgets
Multilingual Support
Live Chat
Help Desk
Google Analytics
Facebook Messenger   
Instagram Messenger 
Viber Messenger 
Line Messenger 
Telegram Messenger
WhatsApp  Messenger 
Facebook Feed 
Instagram Feed 
Mobile Plugin 
Website Plugin 






Envato Account 

Conclusion live chat solution features

Both are young companies that are similar, and they are easy to install and designed to be used in eCommerce – you can achieve that with both live chat apps:

  • To have a live chat feature
  • Connect with your website visitors
  • Assign conversations to other customer service representatives
  • Increase customer experience
  • Use canned responses and instant answers
  • Embeddable chat widget
  • Support tickets
  • Customer information

Myalice unique features:

  • Create and update order and products from the dashboard inbox.
  • Possibility to add NLP (to make them more responsive)
  • Include social media integrations like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp business and more.
  • Mobile plugin

Desku unique features:

  • Possibility to create a Knowledge base and articles on it.
  • Zapier, Pabbly, Slack and Google Analytics integration.
  • Easy Migration from Ticksy.

Final Score Features:

Regarding features, both tools can be used as chat on your e-commerce website. However, Myalice considers social media channels including their native integration, while Desku focuses more on integration platforms like Zapier and Pabbly connect.

Myalice is a comprehensive and more detailed solution that can handle more tasks with fewer features. Desku, on the other hand, focuses on providing convenient customer service and a knowledge base for users.

RDesku is perfect for creating a knowledge base as well as connecting chatbots to your existing software tools like API or integration platforms and have currently a lot of the features in the roadmap. But myalice is already with great native integrations and features ready to be used. As a result, the winner in this round.

Here are the ratings:

9/10 to Myalice

7/10 to Desku





Myalice Pricing Overview:

Myalice offers four paid plans options, ranging in prices from $15 to $300 monthly, and custom prices for bigger companies. If you pay annually, you save 20% of the monthly price.

Kickstarter for $15/Mo: – 150 users a month – 3 team members – 3 channels

Startup for $50/Mo: – 500 users a month – 5 team members – 5 channels

Business for $300/Mo: – 5000 users a month – 20 team members – Unlimited channels

Enterprise for Custom Price: – Unlimited Users, member, and channels – Dedicated CSM – Custom features & integration.

Take a look at myalice paid pricing details:

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Myalice Lifetime Deal Pricing Overview:

In their lifetime deal, they are offering five tiers and all goes from the business plan, which is $300 monthly in their normal price, and variation in the monthly active users (MAU), team members.

Tier 1 for $69: Business plan, 2000 MAU, 2 team members, Unlimited tickets

Tier 2 for $139: Business plan, 5000 MAU, 5 team members, Unlimited tickets

Tier 3 for $219: Business plan, 10,000 MAU, 10 team members, Unlimited tickets

Tier 4 for $299: Business plan, 20,000 MAU, 20 team members, Unlimited tickets

Tier 5 for $399: Business plan, 50,000 MAU, Unlimited team members, Unlimited tickets

  • They also offer a free plan with limited features (up to 100 Active monthly users)

Myalice Business Plan `lifetime deal includes:

Lifetime access to MyAlice

All future Business Plan updates

GDPR compliant

Only for new MyAlice users who do not have existing accounts

Unlimited channels

Custom branding

Take a look at the Myalice pricing details:

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Desku Pricing Overview:

Desku offers three options, with prices from $18 to $28. Additionally, a pro version for enterprises with a custom price. If you decide to pay annually, you can save 35% over the monthly price.

Startup $18/Mo: – 5 Agents – 3 Mailboxes- 5 Users -10+ Integrations – 1 Knowledge base – Live chat – Custom branding – White label

Basic $28/Mo: – Unlimited users and integrations – 5 Mailboxes – 2 Knowledge base – Live chat – Custom branding – White label – Dedicated success manager

Pro Custom Price – All the rest with unlimited version – Plus Chat bots

Take a look at Desku paid pricing details:

Desku Paid Plan Chat

Desku Lifetime Deal Pricing Overview:

In AppSumo, they had an only tier (Plan A) for $49 to upgrade inside their website. But they update the information in AppSumo. So please find the new details here:

All the plan includes: live chat widget, branding, and integrations. Every code is $49 and you can stack like this:

1 code for $49 = 1 workspace, 5 Agents, 1 Shared inbox, 1 Shopify, 1 WooCommerce, 1 knowledge base

2 codes $98 = 2 Workspaces, 10 Agents, 3 Shared inboxes, 3 WooCommerce & Shopify Stores

4 codes $196 = 3 Workspaces, 15 Agents, 3 Shared inboxes, 3 WooCommerce & Shopify Stores

8 codes $392 = 10 Workspaces, Unlimited Agents, 3 Shared inboxes, 5 WooCommerce & Shopify

15 codes$735 = 25 Workspaces, Unlimited Agents, 15 Shared inboxes, 10 WooCommerce & Shopify

  • They also offer a Trial tier with some limitations. (2 Agents, 1 Shared inbox, Up to 5 articles, 1 Shopify, 1 WooCommerce, Live Chat)

Concluding thoughts on the live chat tools pricing:

Both offer free live chat tools or trial plan alternatives with limited features that you can try at OK to get your live chat tool started and save money with the free plan, but if you are successful, you will likely need to consider additional payments.

Myalice has more pricing options for paid options (from $15 to $300 per month), with more variations and also has higher priced plans than Desku (from $18 to $28 monthly), which we found in the pricing paid plans of Desku seems more generous than Myalice.

But since both have an active lifetime deal at the time of writing this review, Myalice has better limits and a more simply and user friendly app, and structured lifetime deal plan deal from a pricing perspective.

In this round, we can conclude that both are in a similar position price-wise, as Desku seems more generous on the paid plans, but on the lifetime deal price, Myalice seems to be the reasonable choice.

Both live chat apps are still in their early stages, so they are open to the upside as live chat software for e-commerce businesses.

Here are the ratings:

8/10 to Myalice

8/10 to Desku


Battle Decision


Let us see why?

Round 01. Live chat with multichannel support

  • To connect your live chat software to your eCommerce website, you want to find an app that lets you connect with the most channels possible. This will enable you to be in touch with your customers.
  • Moreover, it is important to find a user-friendly live chat not just for customers, but also for the customer support team, to help your customers to make purchases, ask questions, and so forth from your eCommerce site.
  • So, we found out that Myalice combines both worlds in their live chat app (easy and native integration to more channels without a third-party tool) and why won as the best live chat software in this battle for eCommerce platforms.

Round 02. Live chat features

  • The features of these both live chat apps include the basic features to make it work in the e-commerce store. But in our opinion, Myalice offers more features focused on connecting to more channels with native integration like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.
  • On the other hand, Desku includes a knowledge base, which can be very helpful to your eCommerce store customer support team as help desk.
  • Overall, Myalice is more mature and have more active features currently, like NLP integrations, mobile plugin, analytics reports and social media native integrations.

Round 03. Pricing for live chat apps

  • For companies, it's difficult to grow if you have big bills to pay, but also it's very hard if you don't have an ecosystem to manage your customer satisfaction on your eCommerce websites.
  • When it comes to price, Desku offers simpler options with a fixed pricing structure, but the limit and price structure in the lifetime deal of Myalice sounds more accessible. Myalice is, in general, more developed than Desku. (Which doesn't guarantee Desku cannot overpass it with time)

Overall, MyAlice is a more advanced chat platform, and the winner of this battle. What do you think? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments!

Now It’s time to MAKE YOUR CHOICE.